Kyung-hwa is back!


Most people didn’t even know Kyunghwa was away for a while because we didn’t post about it (Kyunghwa told us not to, because she didn’t want to worry you guys) for a long time, but she was actually in the hospital for the past month due to a car accident. About four weeks ago, she got in a car accident on her way to work and was taken to a hospital near the office, after being hospitalized for a few weeks and getting some rehab, she is now back in the office.

We are very happy and excited to have her back with us and looking forward to making lots of fun and useful lessons with her.

So if you’ve missed her like we did, please leave Kyung-hwa some welcoming comments!

경화 선생님이 한 달 정도 전에 교통사고로 병원에 입원을 했었는데요, 경화 선생님이 사람들에게 알리지 말라고 해서 오랫동안 알리지 않았었습니다. 이제 드디어 거의 회복을 해서 다시 출근을 하기 시작했는데요, 여러분, 그 동안 경화 선생님이 보고 싶었다면 환영하는 메세지를 아래 코멘트로 남겨 주세요! ^^

Kyung-hwa is back!
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  • Stephanie

    Although,the first time I saw the 경화 선생님, but I’m really happy you can come back.

  • rohit

    Actully I saw on youtube class. That time I’m so happy and your teaching
    style very nice to me. So I would like to thank to all “talk to me korean” team.
    And 경화 선생님 WELL COME.. I will be waiting to see a new lession.