Practice Your Korean Level 1 Lessons 3+4


안녕하세요! We know that you are studying Korean very hard and practicing your Korean every chance you get. But your “practice time” might not long enough so we started making the “Homework” videos to which you can leave video responses where you practice speaking Korean. We are going to continue publishing them, but at the same time, we wanted to give our listeners easier tasks for their Korean practice, so here you go!

In the “Practice Your Korean” series, we read out loud some phrases from our lessons and give you an opportunity to repeat after them and practice your pronunciation, without having to worry whether the sentences are correct or not.

Hope you enjoy practicing the sentences given in these videos, and be sure to practice with us by leaving a video response!

Review Level 1 Lesson 3

Review Level 1 Lesson 4

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Practice Your Korean Level 1 Lessons 3+4
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  • Samier

    I love these reviews ^^;;; I almost forgot a few of the phrases !!

  • Stefano

    이 비디오 음악을 좋아해요… funky bass + organ.

  • 한국어 배우는 사람들, 많이 연습 하세용~~~ 🙂

    • ^^ 완 씨도 많이 연습 해야되요. 알았죠?

    • 네. ^^

  • Lisa

    도와주셔서 감사합니다!

  • cedie

    ooh in level 1 there is gamsa hamnida 😀

  • Septi

    here is my homework video~~~please correct me if i made a fault..

    • 너무 잘 했어요. 틀린 곳이 없어요.

    • Septi

      진짜요??:) 고맙습니다 선새님^____^

  • Veronica & Cat

    Thanks very much, the poadcast is nice but the videos with the hangul is even better!
    kamsahapnida! *sorry I need to learn by heart where are the letters in hangul in my keyboard!^^~