[Video] Walk and Talk in Korean – Episode 7

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    I like episode 7!

  • 신촌이 서울에 있어요?^^

  • Samier

    ㅎㅎ 지금 신촌 가고 싶어!!!!

  • Feel I can get some wors here and there. Tks.

  • chris

    rofl! look at hyojins eyes’ at 1:36

  • I think the (I’m jealous of them) was added by the video editor hahahhaa.

  • 예쁜 언니들 :))

  • 신촌 reminds me of Manhatten, too!

  • 저도 신촌에 놀아가고 싶어요

    • 저도 신촌에 놀아가고 싶어요 > 저도 신촌에 놀러 가고 싶어요.

  • I like your lessons…. Why is it other lessons had no PDF download. I hope there are PDF download because as a student, i can’t afford to go to internet shop and pay for internet services. We have a computer in our house but there is no internet connection. Kamsahamnida 🙂

  • Antonia

    I really like the Walk and Talk Episodes! I think they are really helpful! 🙂
    However, there was one thing that confuses me: They say later in the video that you can’t go there by subway, but line 2 actually has a stop in Sinchon. Or are they just referring to that one specific station? Aaaah, anyways, that episode was really fun! Thanks!