Lie or Truth? #1

  • jon

    석진 씨 is the liar. He is from 포항!

  • yunle

    Seokjin?! :)))

  • Hey kumawo!!!!!

    I think…seokjin?


  • KB

    The guys are definitely lying!! lol

  • rigo

    all of them are lying !

  • Hyunwoo?

  • henky

    i think hyunwoo was told the truth and others was lied

  • SC

    효진샘만 빼고 다 거짓말하는 것 같아요….정답 기다리고 있을께여…

  • Could it be Hyojin and Seokjin?
    I remember hearing that Hyojin likes soccer ^^
    And that Seokjin was born somewhere near Busan~ ahahah (:

  • Dany

    Such good actors!
    Hmm… I guess that 효진 씨 and 석진 씨 are lying~
    About 현우 씨, I was reviewing Lv. 4 Less. 14 and he kept saying that he never lies, got to trust him haha ;p
    그리고 경은 씨는… 몰라요~ I think that she might be telling the truth.
    By the way, you guys are doing a great job, always innovative ! ^^

  • I think hyunwoo is lying, because he has a nose that is longer than the others .. It must be because he often lied .. hhheee hhee >.<

    but when viewed in psychology, KYEONG-EUN is LYING and others was told the truth .. because her eyes showed that he lied.
    i am sory kyeong-eun ssi, i must said that you a liar .. but you still awesome 😀 love you

  • mai

    i think 경은 씨

  • SSHF(Saba)

    I think seokjin ssi and kyeongeun ssi are lying.

  • Caddie

    석진 씨와 현우 씨가 거짓말 했어요.ㅋㅋㅋ ^^

    • 확실해요? ㅎㅎㅎ

  • meisa

    Hyojin’s the liarrrrr!!! XD

  • marta

    They all lie.

    • M&M

      “HINT: The answer is NOT “everybody” nor “nobody”.” So, they can’t all be liars … some of them (don’t know who) are not liying …

  • i think 현우 쌤 is the only one who is telling the truth =D

    경은 쌤, 석진 쌤이랑 효진 쌤은 것지말을 한것같아요=P

  • wintergreen


    제 추측에는:
    참말: 최경은 선생님
    거짓말: 안효진 선생님, 진석진 선생님, 그리고 선현우 선생님

    안효진 선생님과 진석진 선생님께서는 한 말씀은 거짓말인 것 같아요. 선현우 선생님께서는 한 말씀이 사실인 것 같기도 한데 선생님한테 안 혼났다는 부분은 진짜 아닌 것 같아요. 그리고 모든 분들께서 거짓말을 한 것이 아니였기 대문에 최경은 선생님께서만 참말을 한 것 같네요. ^^

    새로운 시리즈는 정말 재미있을 것 같아요. 첫 번째 동영상을 재미있게 잘 보았어요. 만들어 주셔서 감사합니다. ^^

  • 석진씨 랑 휴진씨 걱짓말 한 것 같아요.

  • Hyojin and Seokjin were lying XD
    Hyojin is soccer’s fan XD
    Seokjin now only i realized why it seems like your slang is kinda different from others~your dialect slang born to be XD Stop lying XD

  • Peter

    No one is telling the truth

  • 임진혁

    석진씨 거짓말 했어요.~~ ㅋㅋ

  • Stefano

    Everybody lies.
    – Dr. House

    Especially 석진… 싸투리 수업 없잖아요!

  • Chik

    Strangely, Hyunwoo seems to be the only one telling the truth..

  • Aki

    I think 현우 선생님 is the liar. Because he said high school students can’t dye their hair, but he did when he was in high school and he didn’t even get into trouble with his teachers. Should it be rules are rules? I’m sure you were called at the principals office that time. If you really ‘dyed’ your hair. [unless it was all a lie. :)] Your a good teacher and i think you are also a good story teller. You seem to be honest and you won’t break rules, will you?

  • ruru

    I think all of you sound lik are lying…

  • teaveler222

    I like how Kyeong-eun looks so downcast about her new nephew’s name. Pretty funny! 😀

    My guess: Kyeong-eun and Hyunwoo are telling the truth, and Hyojin and Seokjin are lying.

    I like this series. More please!

  • 경은씨랑 현우씨가 거짓말쟁이.

    These kind of videos are awesome, thank you very much

  • Sasan

    I think all of them are playing role !

  • Joana

    At first it really seems like everybody was lying… but if played by the rules that’s not possible… i’ll bet that Hyojin and Seokjin are the one’s that are lying and Kyeong-eun and Hyunwoo are telling the truth… because i’m betting on the feeling that the most strange ones (althoug they are all a little strange) are the more likely to be true… for example Kyeong-eun’s story really seemed a little exaggerated because of the nephew name… but hey life is full of strange coincidences… (sometimes my own life seems like a movie or a drama… probably comedy style)… so why not?…

    Oh, and by the way… this kind of stuff is really funny… i like it… 🙂

  • 하하하… 그 대답은 석진과 효진 선생님이 분명히 거짓말했어요. 현우 선생님 솔직한 거 같지만 경은 선생님도 거짓말했어 보여요…

  • Joey Rozaldo

    I think it’s Hyunwoo… Bwahahahahahahahahah!!!! He just said that normally, dyeing of hair for high school students was forbidden, but he wanted to dye his hair on that time, and so he dyed it with red (WHAT A HAIR, BLOODY HAIR), and he didn’t even got troubles with the teachers???? it’s some a kind of weird, my teacher would suspend me if i dyed my hair with any color except black, so how could that hyunwoo’s story happen?? and i don’t think he could really disobey the rules.. and he must not! by the way, i love the site!! more power TTMIK!!

  • hyunwoo is truth

  • Chelle

    I thought everyone was lying about something. I was wrong! I was more going by expression than anything else.

    • Seokjin Jin

      Hehe someone said a truth. 🙂