Lie or Truth? #2


Can you guess who is lying and who is telling the truth? At least one person is telling a lie in this video. Watch the video and take your pick! The answer video will be posted in a couple of days!

누구 말이 거짓말이고, 누구 말이 진짜인지 맞혀 보세요! 며칠 후에 정답을 공개할게요!

Did you miss “Lie or Truth?” episode #1? Click here to watch it! 지난 번 에피소드를 못 보신 분들은 여기를 클릭해 주세요! ^^

Lie or Truth? #2
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  • Ronel

    kyeong-eun shi, i think is telling a lie.

  • seokjin’s and kyeong-eun’s story is truth
    hyojin’s and hyunwoo’s story is lie

  • Dima

    Kyeong-Eun unni loves coffee and her pics on Facebook always have coffee in them x) so she’s lying! hihi

  • raminsu


    석진 과 경은 언니는 거짓말을 했어요.
    효진씨 과 현우형 실은 말했어요. 눈은 잘못 안돼. 갑사합니다

  • Muses

    hmm think hyojin sonsaengnim is lying. however i think hyunwoo sonsaengnim’s handstand grabbed all the attention=]

  • Jeff Katz

    음… 제 생각에는 경은씨는 고짓말한 같아요. 제 대답은 틀리면, 미안합니다!

  • 경은씨랑 석진씨 거짓말을 한 것 같아요! 경은씨가 정말 커피를 마신 것 같아요. 경은 선생님이 카페에서 많은 TTMIK 수업에 주연을 맡아요! 그리고 석진씨는 진국인 술마시는 사람이에요~~~ 저는 생각해요. 그러지만 석진씨가 술에 취하지 않고 경은씨는 취해요?~~~ 저는 생각 안 해요!

    Yeah, yeah, I know… that was gibberish. I’m workin’ on it! 🙂

  • I think Kyeong Eun is the one who was lying.. 🙂 Initially, I thought one of the first three teachers is the one lying because I find their statements somewhat unbelievable.. I mean, teacher Seokjin’s a heavy drinker?? Then Teacher Hyunwoo doing a handstand when he’s tired and Teacher Hyojin cried after eating beans?? Hmmm.. But after hearing Teacher Kyeong Eun’s, I thought I remember her posting pictures of coffees on facebook, so I think she’s the one.. 🙂

  • Kyeong-eun definitely lies – she loves coffee and drinks coffee every day. she also loves to sleep, so I don’t think she ever had insomnia problems :)))
    I think Hyo-jin and Seok-jin are telling the truth.
    Hyunwoo is good at standing on his hands, but I don’t think he ever needs to enhance his blood circulation during work. He is so active and always doing new things, so he hardly has time to go to parks and do exercise.
    So my answer is: Kyeong-eun and Hyunwoo lie. Hyojin and Seokjin are telling the truth.

  • Ginie

    경은 씨가 거짓말하는 것 같아요, 효진 씨가 커피를 안 좋아해요.

  • Nargess ^^*


    Hello dear teachers. In my opinion Kyung eun sonsaengnim is lying! Kajimal!Hee.. Hee..
    My dear teachers and my lovely friends here at TTMIK, I came up with an idea I wanna mention here.
    I listened to Arirang Radio programme, Catch the Wave which invited Mr. Sun as their guest. Hyun woo Sun said making mistakes is a good way of learning and he presented some funny and common mistakes too.
    So with that in mind, please make a video or audio lesson about funny and memorable mistakes made by Hangeul learners so we can improve our vocabulary in an easy way.Would you do so? I’m waiting for your answer. Mr. Sun and other teachers please tell me what you think. Thank u.

  • >>>At least one person is telling a lie in this video.
    Everybody lies ^_^
    다 거짓말해요 ^_^

  • hestina

    비디오는 안 나오는데요.

  • 정답은 어디에…? 로고를 클릭했지만, 점프하지 않았는데요~.

  • 경은 언니는 커피 많이 좋아하는거 잘 알고 있어요. 그래서 경은 언니 거짓말했어요~
    현우 오빠는…뭐…댄스 잘해서 이렇게 해도 이해하지만…이렇게 하면 더 힘들지 않아요? 현우 오빠…잘 몰라요…진짜이죠?
    석진 오빠는…한번 얘기 했잖아요, 술을 안된 사람이에요? 그렇죠? 오빠도 거짓말 했어요~~~근데 경은 언니 술을 잘 마실 수 있잖아요…
    효진 씨는 콩을 싫어요? 이렇게 싫어요? 거짓말인거 같은데요…

    맞아요? 답은 어디에요…

  • Matthew

    옛날에 효진씨 콩 싫어하는 이야기 했거든요 오빠 앞에 싫어한 콩을 못 뱉는데 억지로 먹어서 울었어요 그래서 그것 꼭 사실이에요
    TTMIK 비디오에서 석진씨 항상 술취한 배우이라서 경험 많이 있는 것같아서 석진 거짓말한 것같아요

  • hmmm ~ i think Seokjin 선생님 is lying! Cos Hyeojin 선생님 drinks more than every1 i suppose:)! n Kyeongeun 선생님 lies as well ! cos she’s a coffee freaker i think n it’s not possible 4 her not to drink coffee ! but Hyunwoo 선생님 says the truth n even if he isnt , i’ll accept whtever he says ;)!

  • 효진 씨가 거짓말을 하신 것 같아요. 그렇게 심각하면 집안 그냥 매일 울음바다 되겠네요. 된장도 콩으로 만들죠. 두부도 콩으로 만들죠. 또 콩기름, 청국장 등등… 한국 사람들이 콩을 싫어할 리가 있나…? 그래서 제가 효진 씨를 택했습니다.