[Answer] Lie or Truth #1

  • jesica

    when will lev5 les2 will be posted? im excited to hear my name. im the one who requested that i wnt to hear my name on the site.

  • zixuan

    Yeah =D
    i guessed correctly!

    Please continue to make such good and interesting lessons,PDFs and videos!
    TTMIK 화이팅!

    • Hello, Zixuan!
      Congratulations 🙂
      And thanks for studying with us^^*

  • ㅎㅎ TTMIK 많이 팔로한 신청분들은 석진 씨는 거짓말하는 것으로 아마 정답 할 수 있어요~ 효진 씨는 스포츠 좋아하기 이제 알고 있어요 😀

    • ㅎㅎㅎ 네 저는 스포츠가 좋아요 🙂
      축구가 제일 좋아요 !!

  • Joana

    Yuppi!!!… i guessed correctly too… 🙂

    by the way… it was good to see Cristiano Ronaldo in the wallpaper of the pc… the number 7 of the Portugal Soccer Team… 🙂 i’m happy… Go PORTUGAL!!!!!!

    • You Portuguese?
      I LOVE C.Ronaldo!!!!

    • Joana

      Yes, i’m Portuguese… one of the best countries with the best kind of people… cof cof… 🙂
      (but of course Korea is one of those countries too…)…

      and yes, C. Ronaldo is one of the best soccer players in the world… (and i’m not telling that just because i’m portuguese… well, maybe that counted a little bit in my opinion…)
      here in Portugal soccer is the “sport” that everyone is crazy about… as for me i’m not really crazy about the national championships, but I AM CRAZY about the international ones (the european and the world one)… i even dressed myself red and green and go around with the portuguese national flag and with the portugal team scarf and almost stop breathing for at least 90 minutes… 🙂

  • I only got Hyun Woo as well as Seok Jin correctly. It means that the girls are good in deception,especially Hyojin.he he he. She could lie to her teetch and still have a poker face without showing that it was a lie. Great acting!!!

    • Ahaha! Maybe I should arrange a poker night with Hyunwoo and Seokjin :p

  • steve

    난 현우샘을 믿지 않아요. 사진을 보여 주세요 🙂

    • 저도 사진을 보고싶어요.

  • Zahra

    아 ~ 진짜 멋져요 !
    i even couldnt guess that 현우 선생님 is telling the truth xDxDxD

    • It really is hard to believe, isn’t it?

  • meisa

    thought u’re never going to post the truth. was dying of curiosity.

    hey… u didn’t say there’re 2 people lying! lol. at least i got 1 correct! hyojin really was the liar!!!!! hahahaha. had suspected seokjin of lying too. u sneaky people! keep the series going!!

  • meisa

    your red hair… we want proof, Mr CEO!!!

    it must be funny as hell if kyeongeun is calling her nephew with her boss next to her.. THAT is a sight to behold! 😀

    • Actually, Hyunwoo is not Kyeong-eun’s boss! haha
      They are my bosses, though 🙂

  • 연기 한 게 똑똑하네요… ㅎㅎㅎ

    • 선생님들은 연기하기 똑똑하네요, 특히 경은과 석진 선생님 왜냐하면 멋있고 웃겨요. 근데 현우와 효진 선생님도 연기가 똑똑해요.

  • I had one correct about who lied.. i figured it was Hyojin and Hyunwoo.

  • 저는 답을 추측했어요! 드디어 티티믹 마음을 읽을 수 있어요.. “-” 감사합니다

  • I wanna see a picture of that HAIR~~ hahaha
    and I guessed Seokjin seongsaeng-nim ws lying~~~
    I also really like sports!! right now I’m in our school’s softball (baseball) team~~
    thank you for great material and fun way to learn new things~

  • rigo

    i was wrong

  • Samier

    Yay! I knew Seokjin lied 😀

    I didn’t know there could be two people who lied ^^;;;

  • Mélody

    We want to see Hyunwoo’s dyed color
    Please upload a picture :’)

  • Aki

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat!?! Ok!

  • taey

    that was suprising. i thought only one person lied. fooled me hahaha


    oh,I got one correct and one wrong!

  • Oh,,, I thought all are lying….. It is really fun to know that KyogEun-ssi’s nephew is really HyunWoo. So the cute boy is HyunWoo 🙂 I knew SeokJin-ssi is not from Seoul, and HyoJin-ssi loves MU !!

  • 홍락


  • Susan

    이상 해요, 좀! 그래서 재미 있었어요 🙂