English Movie Names in Korean


When English-language movies are imported to Korea, the titles are often changed to something slightly or quite different in the process of translation. We have chosen 10 of the titles that you probably haven’t heard the Korean versions of. If you like this video, we will make more in this format, so let us know in the comments!

The movies introduced in this video are:
금발이 너무 해 = Legally Blonde
007 네버다이 = 007 Tomorrow Never Dies
가위손 = Edward Scissorhands
미녀 삼총사 = Charlie’s Angels
베스트 키드 = The Karate Kid
굿바이 마이 프렌드 = The Cure
컨트롤러 = The Adjustment Bureau
퍼스트 어벤져 = Captain America: The First Avenger
프로메테우스 = Prometheus
삼총사 = The Three Musketeers


English Movie Names in Korean
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  • Rob

    My favorite Korean movie translation will always be the Korean name for Groundhog day “사랑의 블랙홀” which I think means black hole of love.

    • I’m like korean , but I want learn languge korean video tranning ,
      but I don’t maney in Internet

  • nice!

  • lolita

    sometimes i learn korean from this movie title translations too! it’s fun, and sometimes even funny! like korean have their own ways of interpreting the meaning of those movie titles 😀

  • How about:
    The Raid: Redemption (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1899353/)
    “the best action movie in decades”

  • I loved this! Would like to see more in this format.

  • Nice!! and Harry Potter’s and Twilight’s movies kkk

  • i’m curious, why do Charlie’s Angels and Three Musketeers share these characters: 총사? Does Musketeer mean angel too?

    • John

      I would also like to know this.

    • Carmie

      Angel is 천사 not 총사. ^^
      삼총사 means trio, since there’s 3 Angels and 3 Musketeers. 🙂

  • Rigo

    These interesting translations happen in any language , i think
    For example the movie ” home alone ” was translated into spanish as ” mi pobre angelito ” meaning my poor little angel

    • Miss H.


      I wouldn’t say the titles were literally ‘translated’. I would call it more of an adaptation from the original. Sometimes, that wound up being a phonetic word-by-word adaptation, a total deviation or even ‘complete renaming’ into something that would appeal the most to each country’s audience on a broad spectrum.

      Forces at work in this case would be the marketing & promos peeps of movie in the country that imported these ‘foreign films’. 🙂

  • lol, 저는 CGV에 갈 때마다 영화 이름이 뭐라고 말해야 할지 잘 모르겠어요 … especially if the movie has numbers in the title … And the movie ‘Tangled’ / ‘라푼젤’ really confused me at first!

    But how about English titles of Korean movies?? For example, ‘아저씨’ is called ‘The Man from Nowhere’.

    • Thanks for your good idea! Oh, I didn’t expect the movie title 아저씨 was translatec like that. It’s interesting!

  • What is the Korean name for ‘how i met your mother’ ?

    • It is “내가 그녀를 만났을 때” and it literally means “when I met her”.

    • 아나히타

      아… 정말 감사합니다!

    • Wan Imran

      I did a translation myself too. It is,

      어떻게 내가 당신의 어머님을 만난다

      어땠어요? ^_^
      코멘트 부탁드립니다

  • EsraKarakaya

    Hello, thanks for sharing this with us! But I have a question. Why did you choose these movies just? Are these very popular in Korea?

    Have a nice day from Turkey ^^

  • 가위손 **
    더 아벤저 (The Avengers) 토르 (Thor) 😀
    셜록 홈즈 (Sherlock Holmes)

  • Inception = 처음
    Does that right?

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  • barney stinn

    I really want to download this ..