New #10 – Kyeongeun’s Audiobook –

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안녕하세요! We are back with another news update! In this news update, we introduce 최경은의 오디오북 (kyeongeun’s Audiobook)!

If you have any questions about the audiobook or some feedback on what topics you would like to hear 경은’s stories about in the next audiobook, please leave your comments here!

Inside this audiobook you will find:

1. Preface
2. Story 1 – Traveling
3. Story 2 – Friends
4. Story 3 – Workplace Culture in Korea
5. Story 4 – Internet Meet-ups
6. Story 5 – Volunteering

The audiobook contains 5 stories in the MP3 audio format and a PDF file that has the complete script and translation.

Click here to check out the audiobook!

Thank you!

New #10 – Kyeongeun’s Audiobook –
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  • 기범

    i have question …!!
    can i buy it with ( MaterCard ) ??????? cuz i dont have paypal 😛 ….
    감사합니다 !! ㅅ.ㅅ

    • shyheaven

      you can make a paypal account with your master card. i will once i get my mastercard, so i can online shop at TTIMK. much more learning to be done ^^

    • shyheaven 🙂
      Thanks a lot. 감사합니다. Hope you can learn a lot from the lesson in the store. 😀

  • 책은 사써요. 좋아요 그러대… it will take a lot of plays & replays before I understand everything ㅠ.ㅠ

    그리고 앞에 현우씨 있을 거예요 ^^ 화이팅!

    • 안우선 🙂
      책 샀어요? 감사합니ㅏ. ^^
      If you have any questions ask me! I’ll be here to answer you. 😀

  • Oo Oo~ typo error there 경은 선생님 씨~ ㅠㅠ

    • 완 🙂
      0.o Where is the typo error??? ㅠ.ㅠ

    • 음… New #10 – Kyeongeun’s Audiobook in the Store. the word “New”?

  • 기범

    thx shyheaven 😀
    im making PayPal acc now ~

    • 기범 🙂
      Happy to hear that you make a paypal account! 😀
      Thanks a lot. Hope it’s helpful to learn Korean.

  • Brian


    I listened to the first chapter of your audiobook and really enjoyed it. It’s not too difficult to follow and I like the way you put the English and Korean side-by-side, like a dual language book — which, by the way I’ve never been able to find for Korean/English. It’s Interesting and good for learning at the same time.
    You’re so brave for backpacking through Europe by yourself!

    • Brian 🙂
      Thank you so much for the purchase!! 감사합니다.
      I’m happy to hear that it’s not too difficult to follow. 😀

      I really want to go backpacking through Europe by myself once again!!

  • Kevin Manley

    Thanks a lot for this Kyeong-eun Teacher!
    이번주 라식 수술을 받아서 눈이 많이 아파요. 그래서 컴퓨터를 오래 사용할 수 없고 책 많이 읽을 수 없어서 한국어 많이 공부 할 수 없어요. 다행히 경은 선생님의 오디도 복이 나왔어서 지금 공부 할 곳 있어요!
    Thanks to you and all the TTMIK Team for these great products!

    • 케빈씨 오랜만이에요. 라식수술을 했군요! 네 지금은 컴퓨터를 많이 하면 눈에 안 좋아요. 컴퓨터를 보는 대신 오디오 북을 들을 수 있어서 참 다행이에요^^ 스크립트를 보지 않고 오디오만 반복해서 듣는 것도 듣기 실력에 굉장한 도움이 될 거예요!

    • Kevin 🙂
      지금은 눈 괜찮아요?? 너무 감사합니다. Sonnie 씨 말처럼 스크립트 보지 말고 오디오만 들어요!! 케빈 씨 한국어 잘 하니까 안 어려울 거예요. ^^

      오디오 북 재미있어요? 이 오디오 북으로 한국어 공부가 많이 되길 바래요! 화이팅!! ^^

  • Regina

    경은 선생님,
    아름다운 묵소리로 audio book을 만들었어요. 갑사합나다.
    젓 번째 이야기 “여행”을 들었어요. 정말 재미있었어요.
    몇 달 전에 저도 혼자서 서울 여행에 갔었는데 경은 선생님의 경험을 느낄 수 있었어요.
    다른 이야기를 잘 들을 거예요.
    선생님, 파이팅!!


    • 레지나 🙂
      안녕하세요. 감사합니다!!! 🙂
      혼자서 서울 여행 왔었어요? 얼마나 있었어요?
      다음에 한국에 오면 꼭 만나요. ^^
      모르는 게 있으면 물어보세요!!
      한국어 공부 화이팅! ^^

  • Congrat KyeongEun on this Audiobook.. I know you’re a really hard worker… And you have a great voice that never gets old 😉

    Really proud of you!


  • Steven

    Is there problems with the store? I’ve been trying to purchase 3 items since yesterday and keep getting the below error after I put in my name and email account – SetExpressCheckout API call failed. Detailed Error Message: Account is restrictedShort Error Message: Restricted accountError Code: 10002Error Severity Code: Error


  • for the first time ever, im going to pay for lessons rather then trying to get it for free, i plan on going to seoul to live a different life, i come from nyc and i feel like theres alot more things in life besides this busy city i live in, i just want to comment that your very inspirational in giving us free lessons. i applaud graciously. your very beautiful and talented and even maybe ill get to meet you in korea.

    i have one question.

    what do i need to go to korea?

    thank you so much, and if you ever needed a place to stay in nyc, i can def help 🙂
    have a good night

  • Truong Cong Qui

    최경은 님,
    안녕하십니까? 저는 Qui 라고 불러요. 베트남사람이에요. 저는 3년기전에 인터네스로 혼자서(mysefl) 한국어를 배우기 시작했어요. 지금 제가 한국문법 을 공부하고 싶어지만 어디에 찾게 몰라요. 제가 최선생님 한테서 충고를 받아주시기 바랍니다. 부닥해요.
    제이름이 Truong Cong Qui 예요.
    좋은 하루 되세요.
    감사합니다. 안녕히 게세요.

  • Emanuele Disco

    I’m sorry but i purchased Kyeong-eun’s Audiobook and Korean Movie Phrases from 2009 (Volume 1) but I couldn’t download these contents, i didn’t received links to download them, what should I do? thanks for the help and thanks for your hard work!

    • Emanuele Disco

      Thanks, i received a new email with the links 😀

  • It seems as if you my favorite personality in Korea.

    So I have to buy this book 🙂

    I am learning a lot via this site. so far i have completed level 1.
    Excellent Job

    Keep it up

  • 러키

    I see there is an IPhone App being sold by Mirage Enterprises for $7.99. Is it the same as TTMIK’s?