[New Project Teaser #2] Still want to come to Korea for free?


Is your heart beating faster? Are your palms sweating because you’re getting more excited about the possibility of getting to come to Korea for free? The launch date for our new project is coming soon, so be sure to check out the (video or audio file) for a little bit more information!

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[New Project Teaser #2] Still want to come to Korea for free?
  • Ken

    I want to go to Korea more than all these other jokers. hook me up!!

  • pepi

    I want to go Korea too. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • I want to go to Korea!!! <3

  • I want to go.. ^-^ I can’t wait to hear the details…. <3

  • Samar Saeed

    저는 한국에 너무 너무 너무 가고 싶어요 T_T

  • Woooa!! Can’t wait for this!! Thank you so much!!! I wish I could win!! ^-^!!

  • im so so so so excited 😀

  • Ken

    So what’s the hold up? I can only check this site so many times per hour guys

    • hahaha. It’s coming. Don’t worry 🙂

  • insaf

    how can we be the winner ! it’s my dreamm

  • Dima

    When is next week exactly?! XD

  • Mariam Mostafa

    Oh my God !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t believe it really wish i could win ^^