News #12 – NewsKorea.TV


In the 12th news update, we introduce NewsKorea.TV, where you can learn about what is happening in Korea right now. In this new website, you will find news articles translated into English for you that are not available in other places on the web.

We are looking for volunteer translators who can help us run the site. Click here if you are interested in helping out!


News #12 – NewsKorea.TV
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  • First time being first! Awesome!

    This is a very cool idea! I also read The Korea Herald online from time to time…though that tends to cover international news items as well. Will we see you be news reporters? 😀


  • Carlos

    That sounds like a fantastic idea! Very cool

  • I love it :-). It will help me alot. Thank you. When I get more efficient at Korean, I will be able to help with translations. But I think it will take me too long right now.

  • Awsome idea!
    I will hurry up and study harder so I can help you out 🙂

  • ingrid

    This idea is great!! I’m so sorry i can’t help because i’m not that good in Korean yet.. 🙁

  • stephanie

    I’m not able to transalte korean/english but I can translate the english ones into Spanish if you need that sometime!!

  • Luu Hoang Vu

    Hello, I’m Luu Hoang Vu, I’m Vietnamese. I found TTMIK is very useful for people who want to study Korean. I’ve read your ideas about NewsKorea.TV, but you should see this first: This website has tons of information & news about Korea (all in English).
    In my opinion, your strength is Korean Language, you should focus on it and introduce Korean Language, Culture…to people around the world in Korean. 😀

    • except for the fact that it is a great study tool, and goal. I can attempt to translate the english story back into korean, or even go to the actual korean story and hash it out into english. I also like that I can go to the story from TTMIK page. TTMIK is very strong in its korean language, but if they do not give their listeners the chance to see korean storys in english, or the chance to help translate it, in my opinion we would all miss out.

    • Steven1209

      I agree with Luu on this subject. I wouldn’t want your group to get bogged down with creating content in english on korea that alot of sites already have…even if you just summarize an article from the main source.

      But here’s an idea. What if you were to take a article in korean and summarize it, post both the english and korean text and then explain the grammar patterns and phrases and possible vocabulary found in the article to both teach korean and present up to date, real time information on korea.

      That way it servers dual purposes and can get us all reading real korean content sooner : ) Just a thought.

  • Samier

    Whoa! What a cool idea 현우 씨! I’m not that proficent in Koraen to be a translator yet, so for now I’ll be a constant visitor of NewsKorea ^^

    Can’t wait to see more,

  • caddie

    좋은 생각 이에요. ^_^

  • husarz

    I don’t see any point in creating a new site with just English articles on Korea. Perhaps, providing both Korean and English texts would be a better idea. You can even think about recording the Korean originals. It would both boost one’s listening comprehension skills and help to understand the structural aspect of Korean, i.e. how certain Korean set phrases, collocations and idioms translate into English. Those could be then studied, memorized and used for one’s own practical purposes.

    • Steven1209

      Recording the news article would be a great idea also. I hadn’t post that in my original suggestion but with both korean/english text,an audio recording of the the news article along with explaining certain grammar patterns, phrases and such would be great intermediate/advanced content that could be done maybe a couple of times a month. That would be a Fantastic benefit to all of us learning korean.

      Again just a suggestion. You guys are doing the korean language learning community a huge thanks with this website!!!!

  • aquadu


  • Steven1209

    I see the site hasn’t been updated in awhile. Don’t let the idea die, but rather just change it to a chance to further teach korean. By presenting an article as is in some korean source and teaching both vocabulary in the source and grammar structures this would be HUGE in terms of korean teaching so we can learn to learn to read real life korean articles faster… if you had an korean audio of the article on top of it….how better could it get????? At least please consider.

  • Steven1209

    I see that I was the last one to post a comment way back in Feb. and that this site hasn’t been updated in months. Again I would vote if my say had any weight to turn around this idea and set it up as lesson’s to teach us how to read say a weather report, a new report, a traffic report whatever and introduce different patterns used in korean news for sports, traffic, weather ,etc along with transcipts and audio for a article once a month and that would be so much more helpful in my opionion.

    Don’t let this idea die just change it for an opportunity to teach us faster how to read and understand native korean news articles!