News #17 – How did you find TalkToMeInKorean?


How did you find TalkToMeInKorean? Did your friend recommend us to you? Did you stumble upon our site while casually surfing the Web? Did you bump into one of our YouTube videos? Did you see someone tweet about us on Twitter? Let us know how you found us because we would LOVE to know!!! 감사합니다 for your continued support!

News #17 – How did you find TalkToMeInKorean?
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  • Vince

    Google ! hahaha hope my passion to study and master Korean wont die down! I wish to study and work and experience life there one day!

  • Sasipa

    I was trying to look up the word 본방사수, and here I am!
    couldn’t find explanation of this word anywhere

    Thank you so much for such a great site!
    I actually had some class at the university but the lessons here are even better, and i mean it!
    since there are only slight difference between lots and lots of grammar points, so i couldn’t use it properly
    TTMIK thanks loadssssssssssss

  • Queen Dreamer

    I know you from a long time, but this week I just start learn from your website from level 1
    I really like this website alot
    and I don’t remamber how I found it, but only I know ^^ that’s the best one ever ♡