News #2 – Learn to read and write in Korean

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Here is our News #2! If you are an absolute newbie, and want to learn how to read and write in the Korean alphabet, 한글 [han-geul], be sure to listen in and check out the pages at the Korean Wiki Project website where you can learn the basics of the Korean writing system. Now you can find a banner on the sidebar of the TalkToMeInKorean website that links to the Learn Hangeul page on

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News #2 – Learn to read and write in Korean
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  • Stephanie

    I used the Korean Wiki page ALL the time!! It’s a really great resource and I think I might abuse the Hangul Assistant ^_^
    To the TTMIK team: thanks for making this website!! It has become a staple in my life. I’ve even started to get some of my American students hooked on learning Korean through this site!!

    • Stephanie

      I didn’t stop using the Korean Wiki page…I still USE it.
      English Fail XD

    • ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 영어 공부해 스테파니!

  • Thanks for the post. Totally wasn’t expecting this yet. You forgot to mention that the TTMIK staff voiced the audio files (including 현우 himself). If it wasn’t for them I’d still be looking for the right voices to represent the Hangeul sounds^^. So a big thank you for them for moving this project forward finally.

    We discussed the right method of teaching Hangeul through our mutual experience, so hopefully it will be effective for everyone. There is also a quiz available for the first three sections. Please leave some feedback if you have any problems or confusion.

    I also wanted to warn that as of 2/16/2010, section 5 still needs to be worked on with more examples and descriptions. Sections 1-4 should keep you busy until it’s finished. Good luck to everyone and hopefully we’ll be seeing comments in 한글 instead of romanization on this site from now on ^^

  • I-Shen

    The web designer Carlo lives in my hometown. Cool!

    Thanks again for pointing out the Korean Wiki page.

  • this wiki project is awesome! i’ve already learned some slang that i’ll use on my korean friends today. . . 대빵 좋아요! 고마워요 ~~

    • also, i wanted to add that i’m using the wiki page a lot now, thank you so much for the resource. i love hearing about new exciting places and ways to learn korean. i started learning from hyunwoo’s youtube page, and then followed him through his websites and now i am using this site. thank you hyunwoo: i think your passion for learning languages, and your dedication to helping others learn korean, both these things keep me excited about learning. the more korean i learn these days, the more i want to use it everyday, and the more i want to learn. thank you so much for providing us with a place to study, learn and ask questions. i’m sure everyone who uses this site can appreciate how accessible and amicable the lessons are. thank you from all of us!!

  • Flor

    Thank you very much, it is my pleasure to collaborate with you guys do an amazing job for me has been very important because in my country Venezuela, do not get study material for the study of Korean, so strange is that as anecdote, I called the Korean Embassy here in my country and they were really surprised that someone was calling to ask that kind of information that is not common, were embarrassed because they can not help, so they sent a tourist guide,(by the way my sister stayed with it) LOL, you have been much help are always willing to share knowledge.
    And advice to all, the most important thing to consider before you get started is to become familiar with the Korean 한글, the alphabet, how to read and sounds, Wiki Project is awesome.
    Gracias TTMIK

  • Wow! Thanks! I’m really touched. 고마워 현우 오빠!

    Anyway, Happy New Year! God bless you all. 😀

  • Julian

    OMG wow ㅠㅠ 정말 감사합니다 현우 형! :]
    I was doing something while listening to this audio file and I totally didn’t expect to hear my name, and actually THANK YOU guys for making an awesome website. :]

  • Alonso

    Hello ,,,, tengo un pregunta referente a la escritura en Koreano,,, dices tu que tienes una tienda, pero quiero saber si vas a vender etiquetas para el teclado, gracias,,, yo encontre en ebay pero si tu las vas a vender, prefiero comprarlas en tu tienda,,, saludos desde Tijuana, BC Mexico…

    • mar

      Segun mi experiencia la verdad que no hace falta, por ahi la gente mayor tiene problemas con eso (mas de 50 digo). Al principio te fijas en imagenes de teclados como esta (fijate que la tecla shift funciona distinto) y despues te lo aprendes de memoria con uso bastante rapido. A mi me habrá llevado como mucho un mes como mucho para poder escribir coreano en mi teclado en castellano a velocidad normal.

  • Serena

    Aww, that was sweet of you, guys. Like Julian, I wasn’t expecting to hear my name, either. Again, thank you for TTMIK and for everything you guys do. Can’t wait for the store *g*

    TTMIK을 진짜 좋아해요. 한국어 재미있게 공부해요! 네?

  • taohei

    “Hangeul quiz1” & “Sino Korean numbers quiz1” 재미있어요. ^__^ 감사합니다 for this great site.

  • While I was walking the dog and listening to TTMIK updates on my ipod, suddenly I listen this and my face become red as a tomato when I heard my name. (:blush:)(:giggle:)
    “Me puse roja como un tomate”
    You are really awesome, and I just want to contribute my bit that TTMIK can reach to more people. I will always available for your projects. If weren’t for you I couldn’t learn Korean.

  • matinga

    otk! Thank YOU Hyunwoo 씨. You are a huge reason why I keep on keepin’ on in this mad quest to speak Korean. 항상 고마워요.
    Oye, que bien dices nuestros nombres…jijijiji!

  • There is the phrase ‘friends are treasure’ in Korean golden sayings.

    If so, Hyunwoo Sun, you are the richest man I ever met.

    Go for it. I will also do my best to support you to make good contents.

  • ingrid

    Thanks for this website for learn how to write and read in Hanguel!!!

  • farah

    i now can read hangul , when i say read , that mean only romanized and vocalized it. and not understand any of it except for some phrase that i know from movies and K-drama..
    it sometime make me depress not being able to know what the meaning .. and sometime what i read ,the sound does’nt sound right .. but i’ll keep trying ! hwaiting ! ^”^, can you help me or at least tell me what should i do ? or give me link where i can improve my korean vocab… please… 🙁
    thank you.

    • Farah, now that you can read Hangeul, Why don’t you go back and read all the pdf files on this site starting from lesson 1 in Korean now that you have the ability? I think that would be a good start towards helping you improve.

      Also there are advanced pronunciation rules in certain cases, so that could be why it doesn’t sound right to you sometimes, for example 연락 is pronounced “열락.”

  • Jasmine*

    the Korean Wiki project is really interesting
    i hope more people can add to the website.
    I find learning stuff online way more fun than reading books for example^^

  • the korean wiki proj. has been really a big help to thanks to the TTMIK!!!!!!!

  • jasmine rose


  • Shun

    thank you so much for the wiki… I find it very helpful because it made me understand the differences and similarities of the sound of some of the vowels which I find confusing back then =) 화이팅!

  • Thank you very much for these Korean lessons plus mp3 and work books. I find it very helpful to me although I’m only learning hangeul on9.

  • Chair De Burlap

    Might I recommend the Learn To Read Korean in 15 minutes comic?You can search it on the web, but I don’t know who the real author is.Helped me a lot,and perhaps you can credit him here.

    • Jonasu Abbadon Tokayami

      I speak a completly different korean language (ahnnyuhnghahsehyo) means hello (gum) gold
      (gahng) river (ahnnyuhngheegahsehyo) bye (neh) yes (ahnneeyo) no (chah) tea
      (johssummneedah) okay (johttah) ok (johsehyo kuhp kohpee) i’d like cup coffee bye!