News #4 – Movie Phrases in Store / Update Schedule

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안녕하세요! We are back with another news podcast. In this news podcast, we are talking about two things.

News #1: the Korean movie phrases lesson in the Store, and the lesson update schedule. We are very excited to add the movie phrases lesson to our store, and we hope this will be of help for those of you want to be able to understand more while watching Koreanmovies.

News #2: we now have a fixed schedule for lesson and show updates! Listen in to find out!

Thank you!


News #4 – Movie Phrases in Store / Update Schedule
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  • Julian

    안녕하세요 현우 형!
    I hope having a fixed schedule will let you rest more, you already work too much! 🙁
    Anyways, I’m really excited for the new stuff! ^^
    And I want your opinion, will I benefit now from the movie phrases now? or would it be better to wait until I’m intermediate level?


    • Tze Lim

      in my opinion, if you like watching korean movies then it would be better for you to get that early. otherwise, you might have to watch the movies again..
      i don’t watch the same movie twice >.<
      i wish i had learned those phrases before i watched tonnes of movies and drama. i might be fluent by now.. lol
      anyway, have fun learning~~

    • @Julian: 안녕하세요, 줄리안씨^^ If you listen this movie phrases now, it will be more helpful for you to get used to real korean accent and intonation. Everyone can read by learning how to read juat at once. But the intonation is really important. Because Korean has same structure sentences, but having totally different meaning and function.
      Let’s look at the Free PDF file. 알고 있었어요. can be translated two ways.
      IF you make the intonation high the way they are speaking, 알고 있었어요? that just means “Did you know that?”
      But 알고 있었어요.(the way they are not intending there) means “I knew that. I bet you knew that.” could “He knew that” and so on.

      So what I wanna say is it makes for you to understand korean more unconsciously.
      That’s the reason I keep watching the soap opera of America and some Japanese Pod cast, even though they are not for my level.

      And you have a 좋은 친구 who is a native korean and can help you, don’t you?^^

    • Julian

      @Tze Lim: Hehe, I guess it is worth it for me, I’ll buy it as soon as I can buy online again, my card is currently not working.

      안녕하세요, 소연 씨!
      Yes, you’re right! I’ve learned a lot watching variety shows and stuff so I guess I would benefit from this even if I’m not at that level right now, hehe. 🙂
      네, 좋은 친구가 있어요! ^^ He’s more like an online friend but he’s still native korean and he helps me a lot. 😀

    • Shut up and go buy

  • Tze Lim

    one thing for sure is don’t wait till you start working.. because working life and student life are totally different as many would know by now..

    현우씨! the news have made me even more excited but i can’t spare the time. ㅠ.ㅠ
    and yeah like Julian said, take good care of yourselves.. 잘 지내세요.

    as much as we want to learn from you, we hope you will be healthy and happy teaching us. 🙂

    i hope there will be more and more people to support this site and enjoy learning korean as much as we do. i wish i had more time but i think i’ve got other priorities at the moment.. will be back for more soon.. i hope i won’t miss out too much by then.. happy learning everyone and take care~

    • Tze Lim

      그래. 이번엔 정말 열심히 할거야. 약속할게..
      there is a promise i need to fulfill. >.<
      be back soon!

  • Steven

    Excellent and extremely useful. I’m buying after this post. Phrases from real korean movies with audio and english meanings…..more please!

  • Qeen

    I purchase this morning however, I could not download the link because the link is no valid and asking to contact the administration. Can some one assist me on this matter.

    • If there was a problem in downloading the file, we can send you the file via your e-mail. I’m writing an e-mail to you now. ^_^ Talk to you soon! 🙂 Thank you!

  • Serena

    Guys, you are so awesome! I don’t even know what I’m more excited for: regular lessons (and I was already thankful before, but now? Even more, if that’s even possible), the new item in the store (movie phrases, yay!), the new audio series, all in korean (once again, YaY!) or the fact that s1 is almost over. Maybe all of the above? But seriously, you guys keep surprising me. I really, really like the way you teach and if you were wondering, you totally have this girl’s devotion. ^^ Thanks for everything!

  • steven wilson

    I really look forward to the tuesday 이야기 lessons!

  • Forget_About_Me

    Cool! I was going to ask if you are planning ti realize something like this in the Store and here you go! ^^ But if it is volume 1 does it mean that we will see volume 2 and maybe even volume 3 as well in the future?

  • james

    i just downloaded and put the file inmy mp3 player…can’t wait to see wat else is to come

  • Kevin

    이런 같은 것를 오랫동안 찾고있었어요!
    나에게 자연스러운 듣기가 아주 아주 유용해요.
    한국어는 조금 배웠지만 한국에 와서부터 부터 매일 듣는 이야기를 이해하지 못 합니다.
    Thanks a lot for your hard work, I hope you continue to sell products like this in the future!
    I’m going to cut this up into an Anki deck right away.

    • Julian

      May I ask what’s an Anki deck? I just googled and couldn’t tell exactly but it seems it’s really useful to remember stuff, I’m really curious, hehe.

  • cool! now i know what day you guys will update! i’m very excited! i really want to practice my korean~ 사실은 지금 KLPT 위해서 준비하고 있어거든요

  • Kevin Manley

    Anki ( ) is a spaced repetition system (SRS) flashcard program used to memorize facts.
    A good explanation of SRS can be found here (for a different SRS program):
    This is for a different program, but the principles remain the same: if you let a computer decide when you should study things it can make sure that you study the facts you need to study more and the facts you know fairly well less.
    I use a program called audacity ( to cut an audio track into sentences and make flashcards with a Korean written expression and audio on the front and the English translation on the back. I made a big deck for Korean vocab ( ) based off free resources for public download, and I have a fair number of other decks that I made off of material I bought that has proved very useful to me.
    Some people (like me) find SRS programs very useful, but I’ve met people that don’t like them. It all depends on your preferred learning style I guess. I picked up this concept from “All Japanese All the Time” ( from the very intelligent and handsome individual that runs that blog.

    Anyway, not an expert, but personally I would recommend using anki with the movie phrases – especially if you’re like me with piss-poor Korean skills. I’ve listened to the track and read the pdf and I think that even if you only do one card a day you’ll still learn a lot more natural, daily Korean than you would otherwise. As a fan I always push a two-week trail of SRS on my friends, after that if you don’t like it… move on to something you do like. Again, personal opinion from a dude that can barely string a sentence together properly.

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to explain this, I’ve just downloaded it and tried your deck and it seems really awesome! I’m definitely into hardcore studying hehe as I currently have an obsession for learning the korean language and this seems really hepful!

      Hopefully in the future you will upload more decks or something since as of now I have no idea how to make one, thanks a lot! 😀

    • Kevin Manley

      Hey glad you like it. My best advice with that deck is to use the ‘suspend’ button liberally (takes a card out of the study cycle if it’s too hard/ not important to you- you can always undo that later).
      Once you get the hang of it, it’s actually really easy to make decks. But if you need a bit of a starter deck here’s one I uploaded for you:
      This is just the sentences I have in my Anki that I have pulled from free sources on the web. It’s got about a thousand sentences and most of them have audio.
      I don’t like sharing the paid for stuff (if people stop getting paid for making good material they will stop making it) but I think this deck is cool to share. It’s got a bunch of stuff from Sogang, Berkeley,and even the first few episodes of Kyeong-eun’s audio blog cut into sentences(which, if she reads this post I thank her very much for making). Anyway it’s just stuff I grabbed for myself but you might find something you like in there.

    • Julian

      Thanks SO much! I’m downloading it as I write this, and don’t worry about not sharing the paid stuff, I’m glad you don’t hehe, I plan to buy most of the store items in TTMIK, I’m in love with this website! 🙂

      And this new deck will be really useful for me since I just started using sogang’s website too so more practice! hehe.

      Again thank you so much!

  • Courtney

    Thanks so much for the lesson; I just bought it. It would be great to have more store items like this! Keep up the great work. Question, though: “그럼 내일 아침에 봬요.” I thought “see you” would be 봐요. Is this a typo or is my spelling just bad?

    • ‘내일 봐요’ = See you tomorrow.
      ‘내일 뵈요’ = See you tomorrow. (Not 봬요, but the same pronunciation)

      Am I kidding? Nope. These two are showing a different politeness level. ‘뵈요’ means you are talking to parents, your boss, or someone older than you. ‘봐요’ is a way of speaking less politely than 뵈요, but still has some politeness in it as you can see ‘-요’ at the end.

      If you are talking to your close friends, you would probably say ‘내일 봐’ without ‘요’ at the end.

    • OMG! After I left the comment above, I just happened to google about 뵈요 and 봬요 for double-checking. You know what? What I wrote was totally WRONG.

      봬요 is an abbreviated form of ‘뵈어요’, which is correct. 뵈요 is incorrect.

      I’m so embarrassed! For those of you who are wondering who the hell I am, I am a native Korean born and raised in Korea.

      I wish I could delete the comment, but I can’t find any button for that. So, dear Korean learners, don’t be confused. ;D 봬요 is correct. 다음에 봬요! 하하 >_<;

  • Stephanie

    “이야기”!! Can’t wait! ^_____^

  • Oh my gosh! thanks a million. As I am addicted fan of Korean Movies, this is a big help. Purchased and can’t wait for the 2nd volume.
    P.S. I would totally love it if you would do a similar one of these for Korean Dramas. I am addicted to those to and would love to build my vocabulary for them. (You know like when evil mother in law is tearing down the daughter in law-saying she did not agree to the marriage or when the mother yells that her kids are trying to kill her. Heck just a list of common diseases or medical complaints that keep getting sprouted out would be great.LOL).
    Thanks again you guys! You are the best. I tell everyone about you and tell them that learning Korean is not as hard as one imagines.

  • 나중에 네가 사요…

  • emma

    When I tried to unzip the downloaded file, I get an error message “the file is in an unknown format or damaged”. I tried to re-download from the link sent via email but there’s a “no longer valid” message.
    Please help!
    P.S. I replied to the “talktome” email on the above, not sure if anyone checks that.
    Thank you

    • Emma 🙂 We’ve sent you the file via email and we hope you were able to receive it successfully this time 🙂

  • Purchased!
    Not only useful to understand drama better since the different phrases are some really common sentence from the everyday life in Korean.

    A must to understand better and better my Korean friends thx.^^

    • Thanks a lot for the purchase 🙂 Hope it helps!!!

  • 제프

    Does is say what movie (and when in the movie) the expression came from? I’d like to use the book while I watch the movies.

  • Irene

    May I check if there is a pdf file with the transcript and romanisation for all the conversations in this movie pack?

    How do I made payment, using credit card?
    Prices in US$?


    • Irene Low

      Hyunwoo San
      Could you assist to answer my question on pricing and payment mode???


    • Hi Irene : ) Yes the price is in US$, and as you can see from the sample PDF file ( ) you have the transcript/romanization for the main expressions and only transcript for extra sample phrases 🙂

  • Aikaa

    hello everyone.. I`m new here …and I want to buy this but I`m a little confused about how I make this payment…can anyone explain this with details…감사합니다

    • Hi Aikaa, thanks for the comment. You can use either your Paypal or use your credit card. ^^ Go to the store and put the product in the shopping cart, and click on ‘check out’ 🙂 Thank you!

  • 구지원

    Could you tell me how many pages of this book? And I am living abroad (not in Korea). How much is the mailing cost? Thank you.


  • 기범

    hi ~
    thx alot ..

    • Hi~ 안녕하세요. You’re welcome.