News #6 – Editing comments, Mini podcast on iTunes, and Voting

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Hi everyone, here’s a quick news update for you! Many of you wanted to be able to edit your own comments after posting, so our web developer Carlo Franco went ahead and made the improvement! Now you can edit (or if necessary, delete) your own comments on our site!

And our mini podcasts, Today In Korean ( and Korean Word of The Day ( are now on iTunes!

iTunes link:
Today In Korean
Korean Word of The Day

And we were nominated for the Top 100 Language Blogs in the Language Teaching section!
Check out the voting page here.



News #6 – Editing comments, Mini podcast on iTunes, and Voting
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  • Kay

    I don’t know how should I express my gratitude to your dedication to teaching Korean. ~:) Your wonderful website is like a PARADISE for anyone who wants to learn the language!! Just wondering whether it’s possible to add English translation on your “Today In Korean” just like you do on “Korean Word of The Day”, I can better understand the meaning of the whole context.

    thank you x 10~!!

    • Claire

      Yeah, I agree wholeheartedly with Kay.

      My level of understanding is not adequate enough for me to understand most of what is being said on ‘Today In Korean’, so it would be better if an English translation was included. However, I really enjoy visiting the ‘Today In Korean’ blog every day to get my daily dose of exposure to the sound of spoken Korean. The pictures there also never fail to lift my mood 🙂

      I’m so glad I stumbled upon this website one evening; It’s an invaluable resource for anyone who is interested in learning Korean. In fact, I would go as far as to say that it is one of the best websites for learning a foreign language 😀

      Thanks so much to everyone who has dedicated some time and effort to make this website such a success (eg. Hyunwoo Sun, Kyeong – eun Choi, Soyeon Lee, Seokjin Jin, Hyeonjeong Kim, Carlo Franco etc.) Cheers!

    • Thank you so much for the support and also thanks a lot for the suggestion! We will consider adding English translation to the Today In Korean podcast – the only reason that we could not do that was the time that goes into the translation process, since we are a bit short-staffed ^_^ but we will see what we can do! Thank you!

  • Christian

    Just suscribed to both mini-podcasts. Will help in filling the gap between the lessons and longer podcasts of TTMIK. ^_^ I had a few questions, though. Whatever happened to the other three videos of the “Learn To Read And Write Hangeul” series? Only two were made and I think many of us would benefit from learning to read and write Hangeul. I know I would. Also, after listening to a lot of Kyeong-eun-chi, I’ve noticed a sing-song aspect to her speaking. Is that something widely practiced by Koreans, or only done by certain groups of people? English is passionless and Spanish uses many hand gestures to create drama, so I was wondering about the sing-song bit. Anyeong-hi gaseyo!

    • Thank you Christian for subscribing to the mni podcasts as well! ^_^ And for the Hangeul video series, we are working on the rest of the videos and it’s just taking us some time to finish them – they will be available soon. Thank you ^_^!

      And in Korean, since there is no ‘fixed’ accent for words, the accent or even the up and down of the pitches in a sentence is really up to the speaker and also on the context, so I wouldn’t say that 경은’s speaking style is the same as everyone, but it’s not too unique either ^_^ Thanks for the question!

  • rigo

    thank you so much for your hard work
    have a nice weekend

    • 감사합니다 리고 씨 ^_^ 좋은 주말 보내세요~~~

  • Julian

    Awesome news, I think not being able to edit your own comments was the only “bad” thing in TTMIK, now it’s perfect!
    I love this website so much, I’m always telling friends about it, specially those that are interested in learning korean, of course, hehe.

    Thanks so much TTMIK team! 🙂

    • 고마워 훌리안! 🙂 앞으로도 재미있게 들어 줘!

  • Sindy RC

    Congratulations TTMIK! I’m very happy for everyone involved. I try connecting throw face book and it didn’t work out. Keep up the good work Hyunwoo Sun and I love this website too. See ya! S_R_C

  • Serena

    Awesome news! You guys are amazing, as usual. Thanks so much for the editing feature. Much appreciated! 🙂

    Just voted. TTMIK totally deserves winning and lots and lots of praises.

  • ILoveMusic

    감사합니다 for all of your hard work. ^_^
    I don’t know why but it won’t let me subscribe to the Today In Korean podcast 🙁
    It did let me subscribe to the Korean Word of the Day so that’s good. 🙂

    I don’t know if this is correct but I want to say…

    저는 TTMIK 사랑 해요 그리고 TTMIK 재미있어요.
    (I wanted to say—I love TTMIK and it is interesting/fun). I think I made a mistake though.

    • PaulC

      Nope, it’s OK. Without particles the meaning is a bit vague but anyone should be able to understand your meaning.

    • iloveMusic

      ㅇㅋ thank you 🙂
      But what should I add to make it right?

    • PaulC

      You weren’t wrong. But to make it more right:

      저는 TTMIK를 사랑해요 그리고 TTMIK가 재미있어요.

    • ILoveMusic

      ㅇㅋ 감사합니다!

      저는 TTMIK를 사랑해요 그리고 TTMIK가 재미있어요. 🙂

    • 고맙습니다 ^_^!!!

      “저는 TTMIK 사랑해요. 그리고 TTMIK 재미있어요” is perfectly fine ^_^!!!

      Thank you soooo much to the support!

      And for the podcast that you couldn’t subscribe to, please try again some time later ^_^!

    • iLoveMusic

      ㅇㅋ ^^ I tried again this morning and it works now ^_^

  • Ingrid

    Thanks for your effort!!!!!!!!! i alredy vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope you guys will win!!!

  • does anyone here know where I can find GOOD hanja lessons? i search but only come up with mostly articles about the history and not enough lessons. thanx


      in year 3 of my course at uni, we’ll be learning Hanja and this is the textbook we’ll be using. i bought it already so that i’ve got a year to go through it and “get ahead” a bit, so that i won’t be so swamped once it’s time.

      from what i flicked through of it so far, it’s really helpful and easy to follow, and has exercises you can do to help you practice the hanja.

      i dunno if this is what you’re looking for though, but give it a look and maybe you’ll find it useful 😀

    • Well, I think Korean wiki project may help you learn hanja.

      Let me put a link below.

    • 감사합니다.

    • thanks again for the help guys 🙂 i was looking at some of the hanja on the wiki site and it was nice. great oppourtunity to expand my vocab and got a couple good ideas for new tattoos 🙂

  • would it be possible to make it so that when someone replies to your comment, you get an email notification?

    • I thought that was suppose to happen, too. I been wondering about that, but always forget to ask about it 😛

  • Ruth


    I wanted to download the podcasts from itunes so I could use the lessons when I am at work and without the internet but I am only up to lesson 5 in level 1 and these don’t seem to be available through iTunes. Is there a reason for this or another place where I can download the lessons?


    • You can find our podcasts through itunes. You can find the podcasts by writing “talktomeinkorean” on the search blank and then subscribe it.