News #8 – TTMIK


Dear Listeners,

The love and support that all of you have shown us so far is just AMAZING, and we look forward to continuing to study with you all. As you all know, our website’s name is Talk To Me In Korean. We know it is not a terribly long name to type in the address bar in your web browser, but we wanted to make it easier for you to access our site through your mobile device and also on your friends’ computers, so we now also have available to use. Listen in to hear how we pronounce TTMIK.

Yours truly,
TalkToMeInKorean aka TTMIK



News #8 – TTMIK
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  • 티티믹! 티티믹! 예~~~ And Speaking of TTMIK, I’ve been trying to call our listeners as TTMIKer!
    Now I’m about to go out! to go recording TTMIK lessons for our TTMIKers! in ages..^^
    Yay!! 너무 신나요^-^*

  • wow, talk to me in korean is still growing up everyday ^^, two url, it sound great

    well, I have already saved tha page as in my bookmark, but as Hyunwoo said, for my ipod for example, writing is very slow. So, time saved in write the url, time earned for learn! lol (yes, i know it sound weird)

    티티믹 team FTW! ^^, somehow I feel part of this project too, so I am proud of all the progress of Talktomeinkorean

  • 전 티티믹크 되는 거 정말 영광해요!
    고마워요~ 티티믹 팀 최고! ^^

  • Katerina

    TTMIK 고마워요!

  • Jona

    Hey Sonnie

    thats a good idea! TTMIKers I like it, its really cute.

    Im a TTmiker from now on… hahaha

  • Irene Low

    May I know if there is a fixed schedule for the loading of lessons/interviews in this web site?
    I recalled there was a mentioning of the fixed schedule in one of the mp3…but now I couldn’t recall the exact schedule.

    Could you please advise? Have been following through the lessons, but at a slow pace…

    : )

    • The schedule goes like this:

      Mondays and Thursdays: one new lesson on each day so 2 lessons per week

      Tuesdays: Iyagi (for intermediate and advanced learners)

      Fridays: Video lesson (Vocabulary, Talk and Walk, Random Expressions, etc)

      Wednesdays and weekends are off-days for the team.
      There’s no set schedule for the TTMIK News and guest interviews.

    • Wow! I-Shen Leong! Thanks ^-^*

  • christian cortes

    TTMIK의 교사를 고맙습니다. 한국어를 많이 배웠어요, 그리고 피리핀에서 TTMIK을 사랑해요.

    • TTMIK 잘 들어주셔서 감사합니다. 앞으로도 계속 사랑해주세요.

  • yay~ 감사합니다 😀
    My cellphone .. can’t show any of the Korean font TT^TT
    and I don’t have an ipod touch TT^TT
    anyways~ yay for TTMIK 😀

  • kaveh yousefzadeh

    Urgent message!

    Please read these sentences word for word exactly:

    As I,…have entangled for long years deliberately, so I expect my situation be specified according to my priorities and resume in so reverently manner right away.
    I personally believe on my first so emergency priority must be my marriage. Because its trend has been prolonging 12 years at least. The satanic forces martyred my parents. They tortured them for long years through the satanic ways (disasters, sickness,… imposition,…to them).
    The satanic forces made blind my father too. They tormented my mother with the worst instruments too. Finally, they cupped out my mother blood and martyred her in so shocking conditions.
    They have exacerbated my brother mental and physical system through giving pathogenic substances and electuary ones to him. They made blind one of his eyes as well. They tortured my father, mother,…through my brother for long years in worst possible form too.
    My brother remedy was his instanter marriage in his adolescence times firstly, and changing his university fields (medical and physiotherapy majors) certainly secondly.
    Because those majors pressurized his brain performance a lot. And they had so harmful effects on his mind, morality,…! He must study in so more simple field at most.
    These matters were my brother rampage and so savagely behavior origin reasons mostly. So my brother has relieved all of his cumulative obsessions to his family (my mother, father and me respectively) in the worst possible form. He kicked and boxed his mother (and my father fewer) with his most power in those times cruelly. He especially beated his mother head,
    Face, belly,
    Ovary, teeth,…in so savagely manner in those times a lot. Because no one understood his so heinous behaviors causes. I think some of cognizant persons evaded from those so vivid matters deliberately. In fact, they are culprit 100 percent.
    My brother must necessarily marry and changed his university field simultaneously in those times!
    It seems my brother has addicted to masturbation acting from 32 years ago, I guess. As my brother don’t have any entertainment for his refreshment,…then he resort to masturbation more. In meanwhile, he is 50 now. However, he masturbates. He is so angry, savage, seeker excuse,
    Conscienceless, stressful, superstitious,
    Seditious, weak,…person!
    He also suffers from sadomasochism and psychosexual troubles simultaneously a lot.
    In meanwhile, the satanic forces have exacerbated his mental system through pathogenic chemical medicines deliberately. His medicine was his marriage, pleasure, his changing university field not using from so destructive pathogenic medicines!

    They (I mean the satanic forces) have infected his body to incurable diseases as well, I guess. It seems my uncle and brother will sacrifice in turn in uncertain near future.
    He has changed our home to garbage can too. He want to transfer his so cumulative stress and complexes and obsessions by rampage at home in one hand and masturbation acting on the other hand.
    His toleration is herculean task.
    The satanic forces have designed some of so dirty maps for my remainder family members and especially me, I think. They apparently assert that they want to test me. But they want to continue their crimes and murders as a matter of fact. They made unemployed me on futile pretexts in so detestable manner for long years.
    They have extended my marriage trend for near 1.5 decades deliberately. They have committed a lot of so irreparable and unforgivable and terrible crimes against us too. In my autobiography email, I hinted them in more detail.
    Some of experts assign all of these crimes to tea ceremony (Hong Kong), Iran revolution (1357 or 1978), custom of times, doomsday,…!
    So they want to prolong these imposed limbo until my uncle and brother be sacrificed in turn. As you know my brother toleration isn’t possible at all.
    Therefore, I expect my situation be clear as soon as possible.
    If these imposed suspension be continued any longer and if the satanic forces continue their crimes and satanic maps against our family,…,I obligate to resort to so terrible retaliation measures in future. No one can anticipate my,… future probable reactions!
    I want to repeat that the demonist sects kill their victims through different ways. For exmale they give pathogenic medicines, meals,…to their victims. Or they can arrange artificial accidents for their preys. Even i have inspired from my sixth sense that they can kill their victims from far distance control methods too. For instance they can pollute their victims homes,…electrical and plumbing and air,…systems and networks to fatal substances from remote control,…,I guess! As if, they played god role in world!
    No one can pinpoint the Satanist sects crimes!
    Yes! The satanic sects have been perpetrating a lot of so terrible crimes with misusing from the latest technological and scientific achievements with these satanic arms! I expect that you say me who play as Satan role in world? I expect all of satanic forces in world be introduced, disclosed and punished severely!
    Yes! I expect my situation be clear right away in so reverently manner.
    I strongly believe on my marriage have priority to other factors in Iran-this is my personal opinion.
    Because its trend have prolonged 12 years directly.
    In addition, the satanic forces have made me stay at home proficiently. And they tortured and killed my parents,…!
    The satanic forces have performed their crimes; murder,… by misuse from the latest technological achievements too. Therefore, no one can discover their crimes easily. It seems the satanic forces have a lot of bastard, astray,… mercenaries whether in world or in Iran!
    These matters reach our world governs through law of jungle in final analysis, unfortunately,i am so sorry that confess fascism and racism and Satanism are our world predetermined ideologies in final analysis!
    And all of responsible intelligentsia in world must inform their popular and common people about these shocking events facts vividly!
    Unfortunately, a lot of persons ignorantly and deliberately accuse me as liar and visionary flagrantly!
    These groups of people are so coward and or unworthy and or fool and or malignant and or conservative,… persons! They are culprit too. Because they lie and say topsy-turvy anything!
    I pass from this matter. I expect my situation be solved in so reverently manner right away. I cannot be patient until two other persons be sacrificed. My brother toleration is so hard and tiresome as well. Because he rampage at home a lot. He is so sadist and hateful, seditious person apparently. But, he is victim and bait in final analysis.
    On my marriage matter, I have written about my future ladyloves criteria in so more detail. I refer you dear reader to my marriage-ezdevaj email.
    But again I summarized my future ladyloves criteria in following gists:
    I Love the virgin, freethinker, nymphet,belle,easygoing,
    Happy, vivacious,
    Intellectual,…girls for lovemaking, marriage, friendship! The teens(especially the girls that study in junior high school are the best options for me-I mean their ages domain be among13-17!).
    I expect my matchmakers consider these matters precisely! Otherwise, they don’t right to intervene on my marriage matter at all!
    From 12 years ago it said that a beautiful girl want to marry me. Moreover, I have heard ok word many times from different persons! And I heard that someone (and even some of people) said me the girl that I wanted to marry me!? I was so wondered from their assertions. But anyway their messages were glad tidings for me relatively!
    The mention girl or any selected girl obligate to adapt her (them) with my above-mentioned marriage scales necessarily (I elaborated about my future wives physical and mental requirements in my past email called marriage email in detail. I refer you to that long email. Please read it exactly)
    As I said before the satanic forces and their so ignorant and coward followers made me unemployed for long years on so futile pretexts. Even when I was busy in my office, my job was so energy-intensive, useless, and hard. In meanwhile when I pursued my marriage matter according to my taste, many persons annoyed me deliberately. Even they have sham quarrel one another. Because they wanted to normalize their so malicious behavior against me. Even some of them confessed that they annoyed me!?
    If they didn’t intervene in my private matters, perhaps I married with my favorite girls in those times!
    And I learned a lot of musical instruments,…and the more important of anything, I got rid of from my brother evil!
    Some of persons said me in those times:
    Your favorite girl would become your wife!
    ((I wonder that how they discovered my inward intention?))
    Some of other persons said me that I pursued my marriage and job matters in other Iran metropolitan city (I mean Isfahan city). I had contacted with some of Isfahan authorities. But they have denied these matter so far!
    I personally believe on some of persons intend to divert my marriage and job matters to football game!
    As if we live in football stadium and mine field!
    They intend to widen other traps and satanic plots against my remainder family members, i,…,I think!
    I have heard that some of people have said one another and to me this sentence several times:
    You must give four persons sacrificed from your family members at least! And they said that my marriage,…don’t specified before of 4th person-I mean saddollah or masoud yousefzadeh death at all!?
    They say these numbers of victims are revolution cost. And it is obligatory and force majeure!? And no one can hinder these murders performance!? Because they perform by god instruction!?
    On the other hand, the Satanist forces have broken down my brother mental and physical system. They have made unfortunate him!
    Some of people believe on that my brother is retaliating now. Because he extraordinary tormented his parents last years!
    It may their opinion be true with in outset!
    Yes! My brother tortured his parents, especially his so painstaking,
    Self-sacrificing mother extraordinary. I promise you that if you encountered with those so terrible events you became so shocked and you shattered my brother with most pleasure! Because my brother rampaged and wrangled in those times deliberately. As if, my parents especially my cute mother was as my brother boxing bag. My brother relieved all of his obsessions to them in so cruelly manner. He punched and kicked his mother a lot.
    Because his university lessons were so hard for him and the more important of anything, his libido and lust pressurized him a lot. He needed to wife in those times firstly. In addition, I strongly believe on the medical and physiotherapy fields were so hard and harmful for his brain performance and mind health! He must study in so more simple university courses at most.

    If you focus on his problems origins comprehensively, you can notice easily that these kinds of crime and murder justifications about my brother punishment is so horrible and wrong.
    Only the fascist, racist, rattle brained, thug, crazy,…groups of people can give these so nonsense justifications.
    Especially considering Iranian cultural, folklore, environment,…norms these kind of justification is so wrong and terrible!
    I believe on a lot of persons have been culprit on my brother. Because if our family weren’t exposed some of chronological disasters from those times, no accident happen about our family afterward.
    I mean my father, mother were alive, happy, healthy now!
    My father wasn’t blind!
    One of my brothers wasn’t lost in war times! My other brother wasn’t so angry, hateful and misfortunate person and he was married 30 years ago! I was married and prosperous either!,….
    But unfortunately I have lived in one of the hellish countries. In addition, the satanic forces have been active from those times and before of it until now!
    The Satanist forces have embodied in so different forms in Iran,…! Once they be azrael, once they be jinni and fairies, once they be representative of gods, once they be secret officer,…!
    I expect all of these demon beings be introduced, disclosed, punished,…as soon as possible. Because these groups of people whether live in Iran or around of world have had so harmful and destructive role in world so far!
    Some of my relatives and people said that I must be surrender!
    Other ones say that our world govern by satan!,…
    And they want to persuade me that I end my complaints and be surrender to my predetermined fate!?

    On the contrary, I expect all of my complaints be investigated comprehensively!
    For example if you introduce the persons that made blind my father through satanic ways, you have served to humankind forever! With this work you can disclose all of the religious and irreligious satanic sects so horrible crimes, felonies!
    And you can rescue a lot of persons from probable and certain disasters, sickness, murder, suspicious death,…in future! And your name will enter in history page as a world people savior brilliantly! And you will have praised by world people forever!
    I return to my pivotal topic.
    I expect my situation be clear according to my priorities, resume and interest as soon as possible in so reverently manner. Because I have tolerated some of so terrible catastrophes in my longevity in so dastardly manner!
    Any one was instead of me resort to so terrible retaliation measures, you be sure!
    The satanic forces have flagrantly suspended me for 12 years at least. Although my staying at home is so more efficent from when I was in isfehan university and commerce ministry. Because those two places had so destructive role on me. Especially my university supervisor have had so destructive role on our family. Although he was his chiefs order surrender,I guess! In meanwhile, I have missed many so excellent opportunities in Isfahan city. And I never repeat those so bitter experiences again!
    This matter cause that I hint to my future job and probable traineeship courses qualifications again. These matters are so destiny maker and epoch-making for me. If you don’t consider these matters, a lot of other bad externalities will happen in future. And I will not iterate those so bad experiences again at all. I elaborated on my future jobs,plans,extracuricullar plans,wishs in detail in my complaint or shekayat email previously. Before I gave them for a lot of persons.
    Only I suffice to these key points that:
    1- I never study econometric,
    2- statistical analysis, theories of economies and alike subjects!
    3- I never be instructor.
    4- I merely like the enforcement, interesting, applied, simple,… occupations.
    4-i never selects the jobs and…that spoil my daily permanents extracurricular plans!
    5-my future job and traineeship courses,…must be restricted to a limit certain time at night and day necessarily. For example from 10 a.m to 5.5 p.m at most. Because I have various extracurricular plans too.
    5- I have said about my extracurricular plans several times. Again, I allude them briefly:
    A-Learning and practice different musical instruments and athletic courses regularly
    B-learning different foreign languages
    c- Watching my so favorite plans,series,…from DVD and satellite apparatus!
    D-surfing internet and reading my favorite articles in so different arena!
    e- lovemaking with my future ladyloves!
    F-writing and given informative and instructive messages to a lot of persons in order to neutralization of future probable satanic sects conspiracies and writing my viewpoint about different arena from film and series analysis to my autobiography and thought beliefs,…!
    g- preserving my favorite animals at home,…!the dogs( poodle, big dogs,…)are my first priority! I like dogs a lot! I want to enter dogs in my future family sasanctum!
    h- To evolutes and add other items to my testament! I wrote my basic and original testament previously!
    I- I wish I could trip my favorite countries many times. I wish I could trip those countries 6 times yearly at least!
    The above-mentioned articles are some of my future extracurricular plans!
    On my marriage, I want to add that I extremely love the girls with foreign countries originality!
    For example, I had a 1-month trip to Sweden country last year. I extremely love Sweden nymphet, belle,
    Freethinker, educated, civilized girls! I wish I could marry with the mentioned Sweden girls or the girls similar them from any angle!
    I prefer to marry with foreigners alike Sweden girls. Because they are beautiful and freethinker simultaneously! And I am so closer to these kind of girls! Instead, I severely abhor to marry with fogeyish, traditional girls. I severely hate middle ages ideologies! I love humanitarian, hedonic,…thoughts! I extremely love freethinker, modern girls!
    Anyway, I expect that I get rid of from these so long term imposed limbo and entanglement merely according to my priorities, interests, resume!

    I don’t move from this apartment before of marriage. I mean I will inhabit in this town until my marriage or going to overseas matters be solved!
    It necessitate my marriage matter be solved right away because of many factors.
    That is so bad that these imposed suspension continue until 2 other persons be sacrificed (I mean eshagh and masoud)!
    My brother toleration is herculean task. Because the satanic forces have shattered his mental (and physical) system through different satanic ways. For instance, they banned him, they gave pathogenic and concoction substances him and they have made alone him in practice and so on!
    So my brother was been so stressful,
    Heart-stoned, jealous
    Sadist, seditious,
    Liar, Superstitious, savage, intolerable,… persons! As a matter of fact the satanic sects intend to kill him by gradual torture in one hand and torment me,…by him on the other hand !they want to widen other traps for us too ,I guess!
    They want to continue my long term imposed suspension deliberately too. Because they want who I nurse him in practice as well.
    Although I use from my staying at home relatively. But I don’t satisfy from these long terms entanglement at all! Although these conditions are so more efficient from my staying at commerce ministry and Isfahan University, even in spite of my brother (because he isn’t tolerable even for a minute). Those two places were so destructive role in my morale, time,…!
    Unfortunately, my brother toleration is a big problem. No one can tolerate him. Any one has banned him since long years ago. Therefore, I expect you awaken your conscience more!
    It had better that I would lived in my favorite foreign countries alike Sweden in these so critical conditions.

    I want to add that I submitted my application form for work,…to Sweden migration board. I expect the Sweden authorities consider me so more. Because as soon as they agree with my demand, I will set off that country right away .
    Altogether it seems my so first emergency priority be my marriage (of course in Iran not in Sweden necessarily,…)!
    If I marry with the girls that conform with my standards, I will be so prosperous; otherwise, my marriage wrote a so dreadful destiny for me! And it will be as a big catastrophe in my living! Therefore, my marriage matter is considerably important for me! I will not marry with each girl at all. Only the girls permit to marry me that have my defined requirements!
    I trouble you again.
    I end my talks temporarily.
    Please understand me!
    Kaveh yousefzadeh

  • kaveh yousefzadeh


    My dearest, how do you do? yesterday, I called to south Korean embassy in Iran. I intended to come Korea in order to pass traineeship courses, work, refreshment,…
    Unfortunately, the Korean embassy doesn’t give work visa to me without any invitation from Korea.
    So! is it possible you give an invitation letter to me? as soon as you give your invitation letter to me, I will come Korea eagerly!
    I will be so glad, If I can meet you ,…in Korea!
    In present, I want to work, train,…in korea !
    My morale will improve a lot as well, if I can come Korea!
    I submit my address in Iran in the end of my email. I want to add my family,…conditions is so bad in iran.
    I plan to trip around of world in my longevity!
    My dear! Please send my deep greets to all of your collogues including my dearest:
    Lee young ae,song yu ri,yu in young,mika,maya,heina,hwang jin,…a lot!
    I kiss my more dear from my soul Korean actresses so much!
    I love you!
    I kiss you so much!
    I never forget you!
    Your permanent lover
    Kaveh yousefzadeh

    My dearest park shin hye!

    How are you going? In recent weeks, when I searched your name from Google engine site, I heared a bad news about you! As if you encountered with a car accident. I became so worried. But fortunately I heared that accident was inconsiderable. So ,I became too happy from this news! I expect you never face with disasters alike car accident,…any more.
    I extremely love you!
    I severely love your acting in Tree heaven series!
    I like you so good play in stairway to heaven series too.
    I will become so glad, if I be informed about your daily work, leisure times,…!I will become so happy, if you have email relationship with me at least!
    I wish I could meet you directly in near future!
    My dearest park shih hye!
    In recent months I have tried a lot for coming to Korea. Because I want to pass traineeship courses,… in Korea. I want to recreate in korea.i want to work in korea,…I want to part from my so intolerable brother. his toleration is Herculean task!
    As I said before I have suffered a lot in my country from last years.
    I am a free thinker person. So a lot of malicious, ignorant, narrow minded groups of people hate me because of my especial independent thought. Even they like to torment me too. They have deprived most of my primitive rights for years. They have taken my so golden times for years. They killed my parents by gradual torture too. They have broken down one of my brothers mental and physical system for years too. They intend to kill him soon as well, I guess!
    They have committed a lot of so terrible crimes against us for long years.
    In my past emails I hinted them a little.for instance,they made blind my father, they tortured my mother for long years skillfully. They killed my mother finally by medical instruments. They made sick one of my brothers to different diseases. for a long years he has affected to psycho- sexual trouble. He is 49.his sexual repressed instinct has pressurized him severely. And he emptied all of his cumulative repressed instincts to his parents so cruelly, especially to his mother for long years.his remedy was marriage in his adolescence times at least. But I live in one of the worst countries. Any way the satanic sects intended to impose different calamities to us proficiently. Although some of persons indirectly say me that the origin of calamities about us return to pre-revolution era in Iran(I mean in Pahlavi kingdom dynasty).but these kind of justifications aren’t acceptable completely. The satanic sects have made me stay at home on so nonsense reasons! Because they want to expel me from Iran capital, Tehran city, practically! They want to force me that I convert my so brilliant ideologies (I mean humanistic and hedonic ones).I never change my ideologies. But I live in a satanic, barbaric country. My living can generalize to other oppressed groups of people too. Can you find these groups of people in Korea? My dear! I severely abhor from traditional, middle ages customs, norms, and ideologies! But in my country, if any oppressed person alike me be free thinker, he lose a lot of his primitive rights. As if he lived in mine field! Any moment it may he is exposed by different calamities! I promise you that my country is a real hell! Since my country has located in one of desert regions, all of his moral principles is affected from its especial weather. I meanwhile my country crude resources is one of the main barriers lack of civil society formation. Even religious and irreligious schools in my country transmute to their worst approaches. On the other hand a lot of external factors don’t let my country be developed. The external factors like the middle east countries be confused. Because the foreigners can misuse from middle east resources easier in those conditions. The worst fundamentalism ideologies, hereby religious ones,mashroom in these countries. Different so poisonous and dangerous superstitious thoughts emerge in these countries. Most of so brilliant human achievements are banned in these countries. Especially in Saudi Arabia and Iran. The reincarnated belief is so important in these countries .and these kind of especial religious thoughts have destroyed these countries cultural, moral, social foundations.
    Although I have a humanistic and hedonic ideologies, but I personally believe on religions mission must be in service of humans not humans must be in service of religion! This matter is so important. Because a lot of so terrible crimes and felonies perform by religious groups of people in these countries, especially iran!why?because most of Iranian and other middle east countries people haven’t understood and distinguished bad and good religions one another. That is why some of misled religious sects think they are representative of god and they must commit the worst crimes in the name of god! They kill, sicken,…others in the name of god! They deprive most of people primitive rights in the name of god! They make wretched others in the name of god! They show satanic face of religion in these countries! These matters can generalize to other despotic irreligious thoughts in these countries too. For example in Iran was law of jungle in pre revolution era too. As if a little so bastard, knavish, philistine, insane groups of people supposed they were god!
    Although our world situation isn’t good too and law of jungle can generalize to world society too.
    I believe on since you live in one of so better countries than middle east countries, then you can show these societies so bitter facts clearer and freer !yes! You can go beyond of red lines of Middle East countries norms by art language! For example you can introduce all of criminal gans,…indirectly at least. You can introduce that who persons made blind my father and tortured my parents, especially my so painstaking mother,…for long years! Korean artists can be so useful for world society!
    My dear park shin hye!
    I meekly demand you read my past autobiography emails and give them to your media,…!
    Don’t let my mom and dad,…bloods be trampled easily!

    A lot of Iranian people ignorantly and deliberately justify all of satanic sects so disgusting crimes with this sentence? Come on drink tea!?
    It refers to tea ceremony in Hong Kong districted that has annexed to china country recently!
    My dear park shin hye!
    I live in one of the worst regions. I mean Middle East! Middle East countries have a lot of petroleum, gas and other natural recourses. So! In these countries civil society and secular and democratic systems don’t form easily. The internal and external factors don’t let these countries be developed! You can see humane right have violated in these countries. On the other hand middle east countries weather are dry. The amounts of rain in these countries are so little. And these countries aren’t similar Far East countries from these angles at all.
    These factors cause these countries religions, customs, folks ,…be so backward and detestable! And secularism, democracy, human right be align words. These countries have suffered east despotism from ancient times! dance,erotic songs,..are taboo among common people unfortunately. Especial these so terrible,detestable matters have seen in the countries alike Iran and Saudi Arabia too more unfortunately!
    I have tolerated some of so bad imposed catastrophes in my country too. In the past, in my autobiography I hinted them relatively.
    I plan to learn and practice different musical instruments,…in my lifetime! I wish I could go around of world in my living length! I will become so glad, if I meet you and my other favorite actresses, in Korea too!
    I wish I could live in your neighborhood!
    I love you so much! I love my so dear actresses such as song yu ri,yoo in young,lea young ae,ha ji won,kim tae hee,han ye seul,…a lot! I love your co workers in heaven tree series especially, Maya and mika so much! I love haina in sad love stories series a lot too! I love a lot of Korean actresses,…so much! I don’t remind their name now!

    I hereby kiss and smack them from far distance! Send my lovely message to them a lot!
    My dear park shin hye!
    I wish I could marry with you! But I have heared you have a fiancée! Congratulation!
    I wish I could marry with your other family members alike you! And I wish I could marry with the other girls alike you!
    I expect I could see you in korea ,..!I wish I could I come Korea regularly in my longevity!
    I wish I could be your neighbor,…too!
    Send my deep greet to your male coworkers in heaven tree series ,I mean senior rio and oppa too!their play were so good! In meanwhile send my deep greeting to Mr song il gook too. He has came Iran several times hitherto. Send my deep greet to other Korean so lovely actors too. In my past emails I alluded to the name of some of them.
    By the way what means oppa from Korean to English? It seems oppa mean brother. But I heard in some of series that the female called her lover, friend,…to oppa too!
    My dear park shin hye!
    I necessarily am in home. Because the criminal gangs intend to kill my brother soon too. On the other hand my brother toleration isn’t possible! Because his mental system has broken down! Because the satanic sects gave an electuary to him too.
    Any way I expect I can get rid of from these so bad imposed catastrophes as soon as possible! Because I have a lot of so different plans,wishs,…for my future!
    Any way I am so happy that your car accident haven’t injured to you!
    I wish you be so happy, successful and healthy in your praise worthy future ages!
    My dearest!
    I wish I could see you forever directly!
    I expect I could come korea many times in my longevity!
    I wish I could come Korea in current conditions too. But I have no familiar in south Korea! Because I need to an official invitation of letter from Korea. I wish I could pass traineeship courses, korea too!i expect I can find a proportional job in Korea too. I don’t like pure economy. I have a lot of so extracurricular plans for my future. In the past email I hinted them.
    My dearest!
    I farewell you temporarily!
    I kiss and bear hug you with extreme love!
    I hope I hear a lot of so glad news about your future successes!
    I love you!
    Your sincerely
    Kaveh yousefzadeh
    My dearest park shin hye!

    I trouble you again. As I said before I have provided a few interesting Korean romantic series and music again. Two of these series are with your pretty play.
    I mean:
    2-you are beautiful!
    I am seeing the first series eagerly.
    I pass from this matter. afterward, I will say my opinion about the recent Korean series.
    As I said before I have tolerated some of so terrible catastrophes in my longevity, especially in recent years. My mom and dad were killed!
    Even my mom and dad were tortured for long years in so terrible circumstances!
    And my brother will sacrifice soon, I guess.
    But my brother toleration is Herculean task. All of my primitive rights have been violated for long years. I have been stayed at home for long years by force. on the other hand my brother toleration is so hard too! No one can tolerate him!
    I will become so glad, if you send an invitation letter to me for my coming to Korea as soon as possible.
    The expenditure of trip to Korea, including providing of visa, plane ticket, inhabitancy cost as a tourist are so great for me in current conditions. So I expect you cooperate me in order to remove these expenditures burdens!
    I like Korea a lot. If I was rich, I would come Korea 6 times yearly at least forever.
    I wish I could meet you and my other Korean superstar actresses regularly in my longevity!
    Do you invite me at your home?
    I want to become your permanent friend!
    By the way, do you intend to marry? I wish I could marry with you or the girls alike you from appearance, personality, age difference,…stances a lot!
    If you invite me to Korea, I will set off Korea right away delightfully. I intend to work, recreate, learn, practice musical instruments, athletic courses,…in Korea,…!
    Firstly I will accept any job in Korea. For example working in restaurant,….!
    My coming to Korea is so useful for me. Even I will do my dental works in Korea too completely.
    As I am a freethinker person and my ideology is based on humanitarian and hedonic principles, so a lot of persons have annoyed me a lot deliberately for long years! Then I am at home by force. Because some of malicious persons intend to test me,…apparently!
    But as a matter of fact they intend to kill my brother,…and annoy me a lot by him.
    Because no one can tolerate my brother even a little. It seems the satanic forces have given some of electuary substances him too. In my autobiography I said about these matters in more detail.
    Anyway, I like to trip around of world permanently. And Korea is my first priority everlasting.
    I expect you help me to come Korea as soon as possible. You can issue your invitation letter to my address in Iran. In my end of letter I write my address to you.
    My coming to Korea have so good externality for me especially in these so critical imposed conditions.
    This matter will become so better, if I can meet you and my other favorite actresses in Korea. In meanwhile I can work,…in Korea with your cooperation!
    I have heard my dear lee young ae has born cute,nice twin babies(girl and boy)recently!
    I congratulate her husband and her sincerely!
    Kiss them a lot from my side!
    I expect you send my so deep greet to madam lee young ae,song yu ri,yoo in young,han na na, Song Hye Gyo ,lee shin shang,na in jang,maya,mika,ha ji won,na in jang,youri,sena,hwang jin,heina,han hyo ju,han ji wan,princess sun huwa,han jong su,son ye jin, han ye rin, kim ok bin , hyo min jo ,…a lot too!
    I hope that I can meet all of them in Korea many times! I kiss all of these superstar actresses from far distance a lot!
    I love them so much!
    I love Korean female singers, dancers,…a lot as well!
    I hope that I can experience a lot of delightful events in korea!
    Send my sincerely greet to Mr song il gook, Senior Rio,Mr lee wan, Mr kwon sang woo ,… too!
    By the way, what is your opinion about your future partner criteria?
    I wish I could marry you a lot!
    Any way if you send an invitation letter to me, I will become so glad.
    I expect you give your address and cell -phone number in Korea to me too. Because as soon as I enter Korea, I expect to come your home!
    If this matter isn’t possible for you because any factor, please send your invitation letter at least to me.
    As soon as I enter Korea I intend to range myself!
    I love Korea a lot. These so praiseworthy actresses, actors, singers, musicians, series have heighten Korea rank a lot from my viewpoint!
    I wish I could trip Korea 6 times yearly at least forever!
    I like to live Korea too.
    I will become so jolly if I can come korea!
    I wait for your answer firstly by email. you can send your future letter through air mail too. As soon as you send your invitation letter to me, I will set off Korea.
    I wait for your answer impatiently!
    I love you so much!
    I kiss you a lot!
    Your permanent lover
    Kaveh yousefzadeh
    My address to Persian language:

    اسلام شهر شهرک واوان میدان امام خمینی بلوار مطهری خیابان سپیدار مجتمع سپیدار بلوک 4 طبقه2 واحد 3غربی کاوه یوسف زاده
    کد پستی:3317843154
    شماره تماس:0228 3170996و09393614080

    My address to English language:

    Second floor
    Building no 4
    Sepidar complex
    Mottahari street
    Imam Khomeini square
    Vavan town
    Islamshahr city
    Tehran province
    3317843154 postcode:
    My cell phone number:
    0098_ 9393614080

    Recently I have provided some of so entertaining, interesting, romantic Korean series!
    I am watching two of them now. their name are you are beautiful and heartstrings!
    When I saw all of these series (their numbers are more than 8 series),I will declare my comments.
    These two series pivotal actress are my dearest park shin hye!
    I have heard my dear park shin hye said once that 80 percent of her personality has reflected in you are beautiful series!
    I frankly assert that the romantic series alike you are beautiful, heartstrings, my girl friend is gumino,…are milliard times better than Iran films,…!
    I thanks so much from these so romantic, beautiful series!
    I have found my lost thing that I look for from my childhood!
    I extremely love these kinds of series!
    I kiss my so dearest park shin hye,eun hea,…a lot!
    I wish that I meet them in Korea,…many times!
    Bravo! Bravo! The milliard times bravo for these so beautiful, entertaining series!
    I have watched you are beautiful series completely. But I haven’t seen heartstrings series completely. Because one of its DVD is corrupted. And the end of episode wasn’t clarified. I will request them afterward.
    Now, I am watching my girl friend seems my dear park shin hye has played in a short scene in bus in this series too!
    Anyway, I have found my lost things that I look for from my childhood in these so interesting romantic series!
    I have decided to watch a lot of so beautiful romantic Korean series alike these ones in my longevity!
    A milliard times bravo!
    Afterward, I will send my comments about these 8 and more series in nutshell!
    My dear park shin hye I was been familiar your personality by you are beautiful series as well,…,as you said once!
    I love you so much! I love my dear yun hea,…your rival actress in you are beautiful series so much too! I kiss my dearest gumino a lot too!
    I love these Korean series extraordinary!

    My dear park shin hye!
    How do you do?i am watching an other romantic korean series named alone in love!
    i extraordinary love korean romantic series, especially when they be original and without censorship!
    the romantic Korean series are the best films and series that I have watched in my longevity! I have decided to watch many romantic Korean series from now until my death moment! A milliard bravo to these series!
    I love you forever!
    I wish that I met you and other Korean romantic series player in Korea many times!
    I love you so much! I love other Korean romantic series actresses and,…a lot too!
    Your sincerely
    kaveh yousefzadeh