News In Korean – January 20, 2015 (Sample)

안녕하세요! 이번 주의 샘플 뉴스 기사입니다. Listen to and study with a sample News In Korean audio track about many local citizens complaining about not getting the same kind of discounts that foreign tourists are getting. News In Korean is a monthly subscription service that delivers 6 short news articles each week, each of them recorded at three different speeds, complete with transcripts, translations and vocabulary lists. You can learn more about it at 한국어 뉴스를 들으면서 정보도 접하고, 새로운 표현들도 배워 보세요!

News In Korean – January 20, 2015 (Sample)
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  • A TTMIK News reader

    I think the TTMIK News in Korean is a great service.

    So far it seems to be more focused on advanced learners. How about
    publishing articles that are focused on beginners/lower intermediate
    learners? I think that that market is bigger and nobody offers this
    yet as far as I know. Because, as you know, nowadays many newspapers
    already publish news articles in both Korean and English (English
    article with Korean translation), so there is a lot of competition in
    the advanced learners market.

    Even FOR FREE. For example:

    I also like the fact that you now provide flashcards of the difficult

    Have you ever considered to – beside the word in Korean and English – also
    include the whole sentence in Korean AND English where this word is
    being used in the article? That way, it is easier to understand the
    context and thus it improves the learning efficiency.