TTMIK Talk: Note-taking – Analog or Digital?


What is your favorite way of taking notes? Do you prefer digital or analog? Do you usually like to take notes on notebooks with a pen like Seokjin does? Or do you like to take notes on your phone like Hyojin and Kyeong-eun does?

여러분은 메모를 할 때, 핸드폰이나 태블릿 PC 같은 디지털 기기를 사용하는 걸 좋아하세요, 아니면 손으로 직접 노트에 글을 쓰는 걸 더 좋아하세요?

The subtitles are available both in Korean and English for this video. Be sure to check the CC button in the YouTube video player to see the subtitles. : )

Let us know what you think in the comments!

If you have any suggestions for what other topics we should talk about, please let us know in the comments as well!

TTMIK Talk: Note-taking – Analog or Digital?
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  • 이경숙

    I prefer writing my notes! This is because I remember better by going through everything and writing them. When I record digitally I don’t remember as well because the information isn’t passing through my mind.

  • Asher

    I think that paper and pen are more convenient. I only take notes during class, church, and TTMIK^^, so I don’t have to carry them around any where. I would totally get a notebook like Seokjin’s, because for some reason, note taking on a phone just doesn’t seem natural.

    • Sajeda

      Ne , paper and pen seem more useful to me , beside it helps me to remember things , anyway there isn’t that much notes important to write down ^^

  • I have my phone, my tablet and I use paper notes. I use paper notes mostly for long term studying, my tablet for almost everything else, and my phone on the go. I find that the combination of everything seems to work a bit better for me. Also, you can sync it with EVERYTHING now. So that’s REALLY handy.

  • 이경숙

    Also, IPADs and IPhones and Smartphones are all very expensive! Over $300! I don’t hav that kind of money~ I have 86 cents notebooks <3

    • Madiha

      I also prefer paper and pen but not because of price (btw they can also be really expensive :p).

      Like a lot of people have mentioned it is easier to remember and much easier to make the notes colourful. Plus with paper I can use sticky notes and I love using sticky notes <3

  • I prefer digital! Although I haven’t found an app that I really like that I can sync with my computer. I am not an Apple person ㅋㅋㅋ
    With digital you can easily organize different notes into different folders and you can add pictures or sounds or links easily.
    You’re notes are also a lot more searchable!

    I do use pen and paper if I’m learning something though like 한국어.

  • sj

    I write everything in my notebook.. I find tablets/phones difficult to use for note taking..

  • You guys should talk about Korean night life, or fashion trends, or where people live in big cities, or social culture, or somthing… idk 🙂

    • Sajeda


    • BENZ

      I think so!!!!!

  • BENZ

    I really like this video!!!!!!
    Thank you for being hard-working!
    Just really loved the subtitles of both English and Korean!!
    It really helps me improve a lot! (But it’d be more helpful if both of them could appear simultaneously)

  • Alisha K.

    I’m a 13 year old girl and I like using notebooks… I like the smell of the paper and how your pen glides on it… and all of the colorful pens! I like using sticky notes, too!

  • Jeferry

    I’d like to save it in computer laptop or harddisk 😀
    and sometimes write it on paper too !

  • shinbi

    i prefer to take notes in my notebook .

  • rasminsu

    nothing can be equal to taking notes on paper, because it’s not with you all the time. you can never feel stressed about it, but i think all that Seokjin is missing is a fountain pen.