The Perks of Learning Korean

Did you have a different experience before you started learning Korean than you did after you learned a few words and phrases? In our newest video, The Perks of Learning Korean ft. Ben Grady, Ben shares his story of visiting Seoul for the first time without knowing any Korean and how he dramatically improved his experience the next time he visited Seoul. Even if you have not traveled to Korea before, you can still enjoy this funny and cute story!

The Perks of Learning Korean
  • Domz Falle

    I wish I can speak like that, fluently, in the future.

  • 하루.체

    This video cheers me up when i am in the middle of Lesson 4 and getting miserable.
    It motivates me DO NOT GIVE UP! Thanks for the good sharing! TTMIK is the BEST! As always! ^^ 감사합니다

  • Anastasia Chernyavskaya

    Ben speakes so great, like real Seoul citizen))