Popular exclamations in Korean


Here are some popular expressions used by Koreans when they are surprised or express exclamations.

1. 엄마야! [eom-ma-ya!] = Oh My God! / Oops!
2. 대박 [dae-bak] = Super cool! / Awesome!
3. 우와 [u-wa] = Wow
4. 진짜요? [jin-jja-yo?] = For real?
5. 그래요? [geu-rae-yo?] = Is that so?
6. 정말요? [jeong-mal-yo?] = Really?
7. 아이고! [a-i-go!] = *sigh* / Whew! / Oops!
8. 아싸 [a-ssa] = Yay! / Hurrah!
9. 네? [ne?] = Yes?
10. 어? [eo?] = Huh?
11. 아/아야 [a/a-ya] = Ouch!
12. 헐 [heol] = What the…
13. 헉! [heok] = *gasp* / OMG!

Hope you enjoy our first music video!!!! 😛

Popular exclamations in Korean
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  • Hafsa Majeed

    i keep hearing koreans saying something like ‘ehderah’ when addressing their group members. what does it mean and how do you spell it in hangul?

    • Kim

      It means children/kids.

    • Patrick Piane

      most likely 얘들아 (yae deu ra) which means guys. Like in the english sentence Hey guys lets go to the movies.

    • 구구

      Usually in kpop groups, leaders or the oldest would say it. Even in groups of friends, sometimes even anyone say it even if they’re not the oldest one in their group just an informal term for ‘everyone’ but in translated meaning it’s kids/children

  • shinjiin

    it’s actually swag

  • Lidia

    the same here i wnt to knw how to write !!!

  • Sarrah Cabana

    Same here. When I search it on google it sounds like this “choego”. But “sweh” or “suweh” is nice to hear. Hehehe 🙂

    • Sarah Diaz

      Choego actually means “best”

  • Katherine Chung

    Do you mean geuleohji? Like 그렇지? Since that means that’s right. A lot of people in shows or drama say it.

  • Odette09

    You mean it’s actually the word “SWAG” but it’s just how they say it that it sounded like “Sweh” or “Suweh”?

  • ladybird

    I have heard the wird oiga omne quite often as exclamation can someone plz explain the meaning thanks!