Practice Your Korean Level 1 Lessons 7+8


안녕하세요! We know that you are studying Korean very hard and practicing your Korean every chance you get. But your “practice time” might not long enough so we started making the “Homework” videos to which you can leave video responses where you practice speaking Korean. We are going to continue publishing them, but at the same time, we wanted to give our listeners easier tasks for their Korean practice, so here you go!

In the “Practice Your Korean” series, we read out loud some phrases from our lessons and give you an opportunity to repeat after them and practice your pronunciation, without having to worry whether the sentences are correct or not.

Hope you enjoy practicing the sentences given in these videos, and be sure to practice with us by leaving a video response!

Review Level 1 Lesson 7

Review Level 1 Lesson 8

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Practice Your Korean Level 1 Lessons 7+8
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  • Samier

    Awesome video! I totally forgot about -저거 ㅎㅎ

    감사합니다 ^^

  • 블라디미르

    저는 누구일까요?
    저는 누구에요?

    여러분, 뭐가 다르죠? ^^

    • 두 문장의 뜻은 다르지 않지만, 약간 차이가 있죠.

      저는 누구일까요?

      In English, this sentence can be translated as “Can you guess who I am?”. The speaker ask the listener to correct it and the speaker already know the answer.

      저는 누구예요?

      This sentence can be translated as “who am I?”.

      The speaker really don’t know who he/she is. 🙂

  • Esraa

    정말 감사합니다
    This is the best website I’ve ever seen

    • Thanks so much. 고마워요.

    • Trish

      I know the phrase 감사합니다, but what is 정말 ? and what is 정말 감사합니다 mean? Thanks

  • Shinta nugroho

    Very nice learn korean in TTMIK
    The best websites including a cool teacher…^^
    감사합니다 선생님…

    • Thanks for your cool comment! Yay! 감사합니다.

  • marta

    That’s all ? You did fine only the reviews from 1-4, at 5-6 you have missed about half of the words, and at 7-8 too. In the next review videos please try to pronounce ALL the words and the expressions from the lessons, it won’t take you too much time to do it and match them with the content of the mp3s and pdfs for those lessons. If of course the purpose of the review videos is to pronounce again the expressions from the lessons, without listening to all the mp3s. Also, please match the content of pdf with the mp3. You have some words included in the pdf but not on mp3, at least pronounce them at the review videos, also examples in mp3s but not in pdfs.
    At lesson 6 you didn’t pronounced the example with the dictionary, at 8 the one with liquor, at 7 you didn’t write in Korean the words from the examples on mp3, only the modifiers and pronouns. I translated them with google, but not that sure about some
    사전이 – is sajean or sajeon ?
    레스토랑 -it’s pronounced restoran not like in mp3
    택시 – tipshi instead of texi
    컴퓨터 –kompiuta instead of kompiuto
    the google translation is wrong, or you have more words for these?
    I know the basics about writing/reading Korean but still not sure about restaurant, taxi. What’s the first sign from 터 ?
    H from your pdfs is wrong or right? On Korean online keyboards h is like ᄒ , yours it’s likeᅩ +ᄋ.

  • Yan

    Thanks a lot for these lessons, you guys do an amazing job!

  • tony_yan

    i have a question, at the end of the video, why he used 저는 to describe himself? is that 저 should be someone who are far away from both of us?thank you.

  • Olli

    Yes this was just what I needed!
    감사합니다, – 얼리

  • Odette

    When I translated 친구 on google, it translates to “friend” not “my friend.” Is this because “my” is implied? Then for “teacher,” how would you know if someone meant “a teacher” or “my teacher?”