Practice Your Korean – Level 1 Lesson 18 (at, in, where)

  • Haha, nice one.

  • Joy Ann

    Hello? I am your new listener from Philippines. Oh! I am so lucky that i had surf this site. Besides, i had found here the things i need. Hmm.. ^ ^ yes, not actually a things but the information, knowledge and teaching from you beloved teachers who are actually good and really smart, in the way on you teach through giving much examples and explaining it well.. thank you! By the way.. this part is too nice like as Mr.Edward been said. Again Thank you and God Bless you all!

  • Mélody

    Awesome !! It’s very easy to understand. Thank you!!

  • James

    Thank you I speak several languages and Korean is one of my must learn language. It’s great where you speak fast and then speak slow to catch the pronunciation of the words. It makes learning Korean that much faster.

  • Umit

    thanks…. more pls…. 🙂

  • Jiwon

    Thank you! I’m currently reviewing this lesson. ^^ TTMIK 재미있어요!

  • Mona

    Jin jja kam sam himni daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa … ^^

  • John

    비디오는 석진씨가 감사합니다!

    I hope that sentence makes sense. Please correct if I’m wrong. 🙂


    • Hi. I’m Korean.That means you’re trying to say.
      ‘Thanks for the video, 석진.

      ‘석진씨가 -> 석진씨에게 (to 석진)
      비디오는 -> 비디오에 대해서 (about video)

      You need to fix,
      석진씨에게 비디오에 대해서 감사합니다.(고맙습니다.)

      To complete the sentence more natural, (To fit the sentiment of Koreans)

      석진씨, 비디오 올려주셔서 감사합니다.(고맙습니다.)
      Thanks for the video upload, 석진.

      Have a nice day 😀

    • If you want to say “Thanks Seokjin for the video”, then it will be better to say “석진 씨, 비디오를 만들어 줘서 고마워요 (literally, “Seokjin, thanks for making the video.)

      As the grammar system is different from English, sometimes it is hard to translate directly. In this case, it is better and natural to say just “석진 씨, 감사합니다”. 🙂

  • anaz

    thanks for your video.. i’m new here. i’m from malaysia, i’m really2 want to learn korean language…. kamsahamida…


  • Silent_heart

    Hello! I’m just starting to learn Korean. I just finished level 1 but still confused with 이에요 and 있어요.


  • Silent_heart

    Thanks teacher! I got it! =) Im not confused already with 이에요 and 있어요.