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One thing you will notice when you visit Korea is that there are coffee shops everywhere. According to a recent survey, Koreans consume coffee more frequently than rice. Where does this come from? Why are there so many coffee shops and why do Koreans always meet people at a cafe? In this episode of TTMIK Culture Ramblings, Stephanie and Hyunwoo talk about coffee culture in Korea.

Coffee Culture in Korea – TTMIK Culture Ramblings
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  • Julia 벽산

    I love coffee, but I am not taking it everyday. First, I don’t want to
    be addict to caffeine. Second, good coffee are quite expensive. The
    price for a cup of coffee equals to the cost of a meal. @@
    Coffee shop like Starbucks and Pacific Coffee always packed with people every weekends and with students after 4:00 p.m. in weekdays. You are right, most of them are holding a notebook computer or a tablet, they stay there for hours. So, actually it’s not easy to get a seat to meet up with friends in coffee shop here in HK.
    When I come over to Korea, I definitely will visit a coffee shop to enjoy the coffee culture there.

    • Seokjin Jin

      Wow, the situation is almost same in Korea, too. You may be disappointed. :S

    • Julia 벽산

      I hope, as a tourist, my time is more flexible, I can find some non-busy hours to relax in a coffee shop then. 🙂

  • 디코드

    스타 벅스 좋아하네요~ ㅎㅎ

    • Seokjin Jin

      예전에는 스타벅스 커피 마셨는데 요즘은 잘 안 마셔요.

    • 디코드


  • Taufiq

    It is quite similar in Australia. We love our coffees!
    However, we don’t actually have that many coffee chain (Starbucks etc). A lot of the shops are individually owned and they do some of the best coffees I have ever tasted.
    The culture of sitting down in the coffee shop for hours is not as strong in Australia.
    The biggest customers are normally the office workers that have coffees regularly (including me).