TTMIK Culture Ramblings – Lunar New Year

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The Lunar New Year holiday, known as설날(seol-lal) in Korean, is a major holiday in Korean culture. People travel back to their home towns to meet with family, eat delicious and special foods, and perform ancestral rites. In this episode of TTMIK Culture Ramblings, listen to Seokjin and Kyung-hwa talk about their 설날family traditions with Stephanie (and you!)

Welcome to  “TTMIK Culture Ramblings”! In each episode, you will listen to a roundtable discussion, in English, between people who were born and raised in Korea and someone with a different perspective. These 100% real and unscripted laid-back conversations cover various topics related to Korea and Korean culture. If you have any topics that you’d like us to discuss, be sure to tell us in the episode’s comments section


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Iyagi Lesson – 설날(구정)
This 100% natural conversation in Korean will help you help you improve your Korean in many ways. You can pick up new vocabulary, expressions or phrases, and also enhance your listening skills. In this episode of Iyagi lesson, Hyunwoo and Kyeong-eun talk about 설날(구정)(Lunar New Year).

TTMIK Culture Ramblings – Lunar New Year
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  • 고마워요 선생님들! I’m going to enjoy this a lot xD

  • chreliz

    It’s always nice to hear from Seokjin!