Ramyeon Give-away Contest – Part 1


Do you like Korean ramyeon noodles? If you do, here’s an exciting contest for you! It’s very simple to participate to win some delicious ramyeon noodles and have them sent directly to you! We will choose one winner randomly, and all you have to do is leave us a comment below this post, telling us whose choice of ramyeon noodles you have tried before or would like to try in the future.

경은’s choice is 신라면 [sin-ra-myeon], probably the most widely known brand, which is well known for its spicy taste.
효진’s choice is 짜파게티 [jja-pa-ge-ti], which is a mix of ramyeon and jjajangmyeon.
석진’s choice is 사리곰탕 [sa-ri-gom-tang], which has a very soft taste and is not very spicy.
현우’s choice is 튀김우동 [twi-gim-u-dong], from which you can taste some “udon/u-dong” flavor.

Which one would YOUR choice be?

The deadline for entry for this contest is the 22nd of July, 2011.


Ramyeon Give-away Contest – Part 1
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  • Jlee

    I have tried 4 different kinds of ramyeon 신라면, 너구리라면, 삼양라면 and 짜파게티. These are the ones that me and my 남편 usually buy at the grocery store. I haven’t tried 사리곰탕 and 튀김우동. And I guess the one that I usually eat and crave for is 신라면. Especially during rainy season. It’s very delicious and sometimes I mixed it with 삼양라면 so it won’t taste so spicy. Because for me, really, It’s difficult to eat spicy ramyeon with a rice which is so hot. My mouth feels like its going to pop out any time soon.. he he he

  • 사서하

    안녕하세요! 전 라면을 안 먹었어요, 그런데 작년에 중극에서 우동을 먹었어요. 우동이 맛있어요, 아주 좋아해요. 그레서 현우 선생님이 좋아하는튀김우동처음으로 먹고 싶어요. 그렇지만 다 막고 싶어요! 감사합니다! (썼는 것이잘뭇아마 많이 있어요, 죄송합니다,한극어를 아직 잘 못 해요^^)

  • jeimy

    i haven´t try Korean food, so i choose one randomly , 효진’s choice 짜파게티 , which is a mix of ramyeon and jjajangmyeon.
    I have my fingers crossed 🙂

  • Kathleen

    I didn’t have the chance yet to eat korean food but i really want to eat 신라면 or 사리곰탕

  • Roberto Castro


  • Astrid

    I never really tried authentic korean ramyeon, but I would try the 사리곰탕 because I have a hard time when it’s really spicy or the 짜파게티 because it would be interesting to try this inbetween.

  • Elise

    저는 신라면을 너무 좋아서 항상 많이 먹어요.
    하지만 다른 어떤 국수는 먹을하지 않았어요.
    영국에서 신라면만 살 수 있어요.
    내가 짜파게티 이기면 좋겠다~ 보이는 맛있 때문에~ ^^

    I hope that this makes sense ^^

  • 우와 ~ so many comments! Anyway, I already tried 짜파게티. Although I messed up a bit on cooking it, it still tastes good. Now I’m looking forward to trying other kinds of 라면. I think I already tried another one but it was a long time ago that I forgot what it’s called. It was really spicy. This time I would want to try 사리곰탕 since i’m not good at taking in too spicy food. I wanted to try 튀김우동 too because I don’t think I have seen that kind being sold here in my country~ The deadline for the contest is July 22? ㅋ let’s see if I’m lucky ㅋㅋㅋ

  • I’ve tried sin-ra-myeon before. I love it. Would love to try others too. Thank you!

  • Grace

    안녕하세요. I would try 신라면 because I want to try the spicy 라면. I’ve never tried 한국어 라면 before. I think it is probably 정말 맛있어요!

  • 쉴라

    i have tried spicy, not too spicy, meat, chicken…… i just love 라면.. i like it so much that i ate 라면 one whole week for dinner!

    well i would like to try the one that is a combination between 라면 and jjajangmyeon. it sounds super delicous!

  • Xinyi Li

    나는 신라면 짜파게티를 먹었어요 🙂
    i first had 신라면 in singapore (where im from)..
    지금은 호주에서 공부 해요..
    and whenever i need some comfort food because i am feeling upset or lonely, i will have 신라면 haha..

    처음 짜파게티를 먹는 것은 호주에..
    my korean friends introduced me to it 🙂 it is not bad, but i still prefer 신라면 because it reminds me of home and always makes me happy after eating it haha..

  • 조린

    신라면 짱! 신라면 짱! 신라면 짱! 신라면 짱! 신라면 짱! 신라면 짱! 신라면 짱! 신라면 짱! 신라면 짱! 신라면 짱! 신라면 짱! 신라면 짱! 신라면 짱! 신라면 짱! 신라면 짱! 신라면 짱! 신라면 짱! 신라면 짱! 신라면 짱! 신라면 짱! 신라면 짱! 신라면 짱! 신라면 짱! 신라면 짱! 신라면 짱! 신라면 짱! 신라면 짱! 신라면 짱! 신라면 짱! 신라면 짱!


  • I haven’t tried korean ramyeon( But I wanna try 짜파게티 couse it looks delicious and also i wanna try jjajangmyeon^^

  • Dale

    Oh, 신라면! They used to sell this stuff near where I live (England) and it was glorious. I was eating 5 or more small cups a week of the spicy beef soup until it was removed from supermarket shelves. Can not find it anywhere.

    I miss it so much, I could cry.

  • 맛있는 것 같아요!! I’ve never tried any of them before but I would like to try 짜파게티! 🙂

  • Aysha

    I’ve never tried Korean ramyeon, but I would especially love to try Sinramyeon, since I really love spicy food. I think that it’d be a type of ramyeon that I’d eat often. I’d also love to try Jjajangmyeon one day. It seems delicious!

  • Gwen

    I am so addicted to 짜파게티 that it isn’t even funny! Especially while watching 환상의 커플. ^^

  • janice

    My choice would be the same as 효진’s choice – 짜파게티. I love them. ^_^

  • Thi

    전 맨날 신라면만 먹었어용 근데 비디오에서는 다른라면들이 진짜많아여 전 경은쌤 같애옄ㅋㅋ 신라면 정말좋아해용 근데 맨날먹으니까 다른라면도 먹어보고 싶어요!!ㅋㅋㅋㅋ제발라면좀주세요!!!!

  • Soo Jung Park

    I tried 신라면 because it’s spicy and i like spicy food. But I would love to try the other types too because korean food is my favourite and I would corrupt my friends to eat too ㅋㅋ

  • Cynthia Lee

    Hello! I’ve tried both 경은 and 효진’s choice, but not 석진 or 현우’s yet.
    Nothing is more satisfying than having a bowl of 라면 on a 비 오는 날! ^^
    It is wonderful that you can literally enjoy a balanced meal in one pot!

  • Chi

    I really want to win this for my mother we love to eat ramyeon all day and night!!!!!!
    I want to win the sa-ri-gom-tang for my mother!!!!!!!

  • ,.wow! i have tried eating 3 out of the 4 ramyeons you’ve chosen. i’ve eaten them few months ago, except for Hyunwoo oppa’s choice jejeje. I’ll try that too next time! jjajang spaghetti is my favorite but not the plain flavor. i prefer the scipy jjajang flavor jejeje!

  • Hi! I really like ramyeon and I would like to try 짜파게티 because it combines two of my favorite foods. Thank you all!

  • damla

    I really want to try them all cause I wonder all of their tastes.. but if I have to choose I pick the one 경은’s choice, 신라면..I love spicy things..

  • Shaun

    저는 경은의 좋아하는라먼 좋아해요. 사실은 한국에 살때 한자 잘 몰랐어 신 라면 먹고싶을때 푸라면 먹고싶다고했어요. 진짜 망했지요….?

    I like Geyong-eun’s favorite ramyeon. Actualy, when I lived in Korea I didn’t know Chinese Characters so when I wanted to eat Shin Ramyeon I said “I want to eat Pu Ramyeon.” I screwed up, didn’t I.

    (Man.. my writing needs practice).

  • Sophie

    Well, up here in rainy Denmark, they unfortunately don’t sell any korean ramen, only regular cupnoodles. Because of that, I haven’t tried ANY of the ramen T-T. Since I really like spicy food, the 신라면 would be my ideal pick, but I’m sure the others would fall in my taste as well. ^-^

    Mange hilsner fra Danmark! ^-^

  • ingrid

    Please i want to try some corean Ramyeon!!!
    사리곰탕 [sa-ri-gom-tang] will be my choice!

    Here in Colombia is still the 22nd!! i hope i can get in!

  • 강민영

    신라면 하고 짜파게티 맛있어요! But I really want to try 사리곰탕… Thank you talktomeinkorean.com!
    *still 22nd here in California 🙂

  • Susie m

    I want to try 튀김우동! I love 우동 so it sounds really good.

  • Bernadette

    I’ve tried 신라면 before. My mom always buys a lot of it from a local grocery store. She told me it was her favorite and it reminds her of the days she was in Korea. Sadly, I wasn’t even born yet when she went there. D:

  • Rosita

    Honestly, I’ve never tried Korean Ramyeon before, or any Korean food in general 🙁 but I would really really love to! I would like to try AAAALLLLL of them but if I really had to choose only one, it would probably be 짜파게티 because jjajangmyeon sounds intriguing to try!

    I hope I get picked! *Fingers crossed*

  • Never tried one ramyeon from Korean. So please send me one. 😀

  • David Kim La

    Ok here is the thing, I love 라면. I cannot say which one I love best cause I love em all. Not only it is cheap, makes you full and requires only boiling water skills.

    Why i cannot choose just one is because different time of the day requires different 라면.

    Breakfast will be 신라면, the spicy taste gives that extra kick like caffeine.

    Little lunch will be 튀김우동, this has more carbs and makes you full and does not smell – and when you are full you can concentrate studying Korean better.

    Lunch will be 사리곰탕, the slight spicy flavour and does not stink like 짜파게티. My Australian co-workers will faint if I eat that at my desk, not to mention it taste great with kim chi.

    Dinner will have to be 짜파게티, I can eat this ate home without guilt. Bring on the fragrant kim chi and open the windows. You have to make that slurppy sound to really enjoy it. Love that stuff.