TTMIK Talk – Follow Us to the Recording Studio!

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We went to the recording studio at Hangeul Park to record for our Level 3 book, and had some fun along the way. Come along with us in this video tour! In this video, Kyeong-eun accuses Hyunwoo of not paying her back after she buys him coffee, but after this video was filmed and the recording was done, Hyunwoo bought some sandwiches and drinks for Kyeong-eun and Seokjin. This post was absolutely not written by Hyunwoo.


This video’s subtitles are available in many different languages, thanks to our awesome volunteer translators!


TTMIK Talk – Follow Us to the Recording Studio!
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  • nouf

    재미 있었어요 선생님들 .. 정말로 고마워요 .. 경은 누나 기다릴까요 제가 한국 가 면 누나 한테 커피 사 줄게요 ^.^

  • hi
    may i ask you put the learning Korean alphabet part 3 and etc

  • rigo

    cool video , thanks for your hard work
    i was wondering how many hours of recording it takes for one book