[Video] Korean Phrases for Restaurants (For Waiters)


You might want to work in a Korean restaurant. You might just want to know what the waiters say in Korean. Either way, this video lesson will come in handy when you eat at a Korean restaurant in the future!

Phrases used in this lesson:
몇 분이세요?
[myeot bu-ni-se-yo?]
= How many are you?

= Have you made a reservation?

네, 들어오세요.
[ne, deu-reo-o-se-yo.]
= Yes, please come in.

죄송합니다, 지금 자리가 없네요.
[joe-song-ham-ni-da, ji-geum ja-ri-ga eop-ne-yo.]
= I’m sorry. There are no seats available now.

10분 정도 기다리셔야 될 것 같습니다.
[sip-bun jeong-do gi-da-ri-syeo-ya doel geot ga-sseum-ni-da.]
= I think you’ll have to wait for about 10 minutes.

이쪽으로 앉으세요.
[i-jjo-geu-ro an-jeu-se-yo.]
= Please sit here.

안쪽으로 앉으세요.
[an-jjo-geu-ro an-jeu-se-yo.]
= Please sit inside.

편하신 데 앉으세요.
[pyeo-na-sin de an-jeu-se-yo.]
= Please sit where it’s convenient for you.

주문 도와드릴까요?
[ju-mun do-wa-deu-ril-kka-yo?]
= Can I help you with your order?

주문 하시겠어요?
[ju-mun ha-si-ge-sseo-yo?]
= Would you like to order?

네, 잠시만요.
[ne, jam-si-man-yo.]
= OK. Just a moment.

곧 갖다 드리겠습니다.
[got gat-da deu-ri-ge-sseum-ni-da.]
= We’ll bring it to you soon.

영수증 필요하세요?
[yeong-su-jeung pi-ryo-ha-se-yo?]
= Do you need a receipt?

감사합니다. 또 오세요.
[gam-sa-ham-ni-da. tto o-se-yo.]
= Thank you. Please come again.


[Video] Korean Phrases for Restaurants (For Waiters)
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  • Stew

    Thanks a lot! I have been waiting for some restaurant topics for while, this will be verrrrrry usefull i think, i hope to see more one day 🙂

  • Rigo

    Good morning , thanks for these lessons they are really helpful
    I was wondering if you guys can do phrases related to renting an apartment
    like security deposit , pay rent , utilities etc.
    Thank you so much in advance and happy new year

  • 시혁

    새해 복 많이 받으세요 !

  • kdstills

    지급까지 만드신 레슨에서 많이 배웠네요. Rigo 씨는 좋은 아이디어가 있는것
    같습니다. 그런 제주에 대해서 공부 하고 있으니까요.

    오늘도 감사합니다~

  • kdstills

    주제 😉

  • Hi, I’d like to know how exactly waiters ask you if you wanna eat in the restaurant or coffee shop or whatever or, if you wanna take out your order. I’m in Korea and several times I know they asked me that but I didn’t understand! And I still not… >< Thank you in advance!

    By the way, good video 🙂

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  • krishna

    Awesome! I love going to korean stores and restaurants checking out whats good and most important those food stuff that will suite my diet:) Im actually a vegetarian… May i please ask for some help? how do i say, i am a vegetarian, do you have vegetarian food? in korean….

    Thank you very much for your effort and time for helping me with my korean!

    • As there are not many vegetarian people in Korea, it should be challenging for you to find vegan restaurant.

      i am a vegetarian, do you have vegetarian food?
      > 저는 채식주의자예요. 채식주의자를 위한 음식이 있나요?

      I think it is hard to know the natural Korean word for vegetarian food so I translated it as “A food for vegetarian”.
      I hope this will help you.

  • 어드리

    So I’m taking my parents out for some Korean food, and if I wanted to order 잡채 for all of us to share would I say to the waiter 잡채 일인분 주세요 or would I say 잡채 새인분 주세요. Please help 감사합니다.

    • If there are two people,and you all want to eat 잡채, then you can say “잡채 이 인분 주세요”.

      We don’t say 잡채 새인분 주세요.

  • albert

    How to say “please don’t forget your belongings”?

  • albert

    I’ve learn some phrases by some Korean customers which is “chongie chukeyo”. What was that literaly means?

  • AhuvaT

    Thank you for the helpful lesson. How shell I pronounce 몇 인분? (myeotinbun? or myeochinbun?) Thank you ^-^

    • Seokjin Jin

      You can pronounce it like [myeo-din-bun].

    • AhuvaT

      Thank you 🙂

  • Barbara Filgate-Cobham

    Could you please tell me how I can offer my Korean customers tea? Thanks!

  • amanda

    So glad I knew these, but I always use your videos for review of korean! I love my Korean customers in the restaurant I work at. Always surprised when they hear me conversing in korean with them, too. Pronunciation is very important, too, I might add for anyone who is trying korean for the first time to customers — but they will always be appreciative of your interest into trying the language 🙂 good luck, everyone!