[Video] Korean Phrases for Shopping (As a Customer)


Do you like shopping? 경화 says she does! Have you ever done any shopping in Korean or in Korea before? In this video lesson we introduce some essential shopping phrases in Korean. Watch the video and repeat after the phrases out loud! 감사합니다!

The phrases used in this lesson:

Do you have…? Is there…?
= … 있어요? [i-sseo-yo?]

I will just look around.
= 그냥 볼게요. [geu-nyang bol-ge-yo.]
= 그냥 둘러볼게요. [geu-nyang dul-leo bol-ge-yo.]

How much is this?
= 이거 얼마예요? [i-geo eol-ma-ye-yo?]

Can I try this on?
= 입어 봐도 되나요? [i-beo bwa-do doe-na-yo?]
= 입어 볼 수 있나요? [i-beo bol su it-na-yo?]

Excuse me.
= 저기요. [jeo-gi-yo.]
= 여기요. [yeo-gi-yo.]

I’ll take this. / I’ll buy this.
= 이거 주세요. [i-geo ju-se-yo.]
= 이거 살게요. [i-geo sal-ge-yo.]

Do you have a different color?
= 이거 다른 색(깔)은 없어요? [i-geo da-reun saeg(-kkal)-eun eop-seo-yo?

I’ll come again. / I’ll look around more and come again later.
= 다시 올게요. [da-si ol-ge-yo.]
= 좀 더 둘러보고 올게요. [jom deo dul-leo-bo-go ol-ge-yo.]

Good-bye. (when you’re leaving)
= 안녕히 계세요. [an-nyeong-hi gye-se-yo.]



[Video] Korean Phrases for Shopping (As a Customer)
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  • jade

    Yey!! Been waiting for a shopping lesson :))) thanks ttmik!

  • jollysheep

    How do I say this is not suitable or the size doesn’t suit me

    • You can say “이 옷은 저한테 안 맞아요”.

  • Very good!


  • superpit

    정말 유익한 동영상이네요! 감사합니다 ^^

  • Ingrid

    남자친구있어요? 정말!!!! 어디에? XD

  • 남자친구들 어디에 있는지 진짜 알고 싶어요..

    ^ This is probably wrong? Didn’t know how to continue after 있. lol

  • maureen

    its a good lesson to learn hope to visit korea soon so i can apply my learning
    that i learned in this site,ttmk 사 랑 해 요,

  • jake

    feels weird not looking at the camera! anyways, really helpful and loved the honest recount of realities of shopping.

  • Jung Tiểu Lynk

    This Video is so great ~~~ >O<~♥
    감사합니다 ~~~

  • Aza

    This is excellent! I’ve always wanted to use this. When I go to Korea again, I am going to use this for sure! Thank you!

  • marlon

    wow thanks teachers it realy helped me and very convinient to use, more power ttmik^^

  • Jessie

    I “see” Hyunwoo and Kyung-hwa for the first time! You guys are so cute! I like Hyunwoo’s humor and Kyung-hwa’s big smile.

  • gae in

    thank you teacher