[Video] Korean Phrases for Shopping (As a Salesperson)


Do you or are you planning to work in a shop where you speak Korean sometimes? If so, these phrases will come in handy! Watch the video and repeat after the phrases out loud!

The phrases used in this lesson:

Store, Shop
= 가게 [ga-ge]

= 어서오세요. [eo-seo-o-se-yo.]

Try it out.
= 입어 보세요. [i-beo bo-se-yo.]

Yes, you can try it on.
= 네, 입어 보셔도 돼요. [ne, i-beo bo-syeo-do dwae-yo.]

Do you have a point card?
= 포인트 카드 있으세요? [po-in-teu ka-deu i-sseu-se-yo?]

Do you have a mileage card?
= 적립 카드 카드 있으세요? [jeok-lib ka-deu i-sseu-se-yo?]

Do you have a discount card?
= 할인 카드 있으세요? [ha-rin ka-deu i-sseu-se-yo?]

It looks good on you.
= 잘 어울리세요. [jal eo-ul-li-se-yo.]

Yes, take your time and look around.
= 네, 천천히 둘러보세요. [ne, cheon-cheon-hi dul-leo-bo-se-yo.]

Is there something you are looking for?
= 찾으시는 거 있으세요? [cha-jeu-si-neun geo i-sseu-se-yo?]

What kind of item are you looking for?
= 어떤 거 찾으세요? [eo-tteon geo cha-jeu-se-yo?]

See you again. Hope you come again.
= 또 오세요. [tto o-se-yo.]

Hope you enjoy wearing it. (lit. Wear it beautifully.)
= 예쁘게 입으세요. [ye-ppeu-ge i-beu-se-yo.]

Thank you.
= 감사합니다. [gam-sa-ham-ni-da.]

= 안녕히 가세요. [an-nyeong-hi ga-se-yo.]

[Video] Korean Phrases for Shopping (As a Salesperson)
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  • Shannon

    Can’t see youtubeT_T
    The most thing I’ve used in Korea is my passport, cause I do shopping in the duty free shop.

  • 아나히타


  • 감사합니다!
    너무 좋아해요!! ^^

  • FB

    Great video! I learnt so much new things!
    Also, 경화 씨’s sweater is very festive!!
    Thanks for everything! Have a great holidays!!
    감사합니다 TTMIK!

  • Courtney

    I love these videos! Can you put this one on iTunes? I noticed it’s not there.

    In English we have a phrase, especially for clothes given as a gift, that we use: “Wear it in good health.” Is there a smiliar phrase in Korean–besides the “wear it beautifully” (which I love)?

    • Well, I often heard “잘 입으세요”. However I am a guy and don’t go to cloth store to buy a cloth that often, so I couldn’t get many chances to hear other expressions. 🙁

  • Wynn

    Thanks so much for making this video! =) I’ve always wondered about these things, as I help at my dad’s shop from time to time.

    A phrase I’d like to share is
    뭐 드릴까요? [mwo deu-ril-kka-yo?] or 뭐 드리겠습니까? [mwo deu-ri-gess-seum-ni-kka?]
    = What can I do for you? (“What shall I give you?”).
    I’ve had Korean store owners here in Canada say that to me, and I’ve used it once myself. =)

    여전히 많이 감사드립니다!

  • Sarah

    How would you say: “Do you need a bag?” in Korean?

    • You can say “가방 필요하세요?”. Thanks for your comment. 🙂

  • Meg

    How would I tell someone their card has been declined? I work at a korean market where a moajority of the customers are korean. We get many older customers who do not know english well. A few times I have had to tell them their card was declined. But it took a while for then to understand. In order to be better for service. How would I say “I’m sorry. Your credit card has beed declined.” And also I want to be able to tell them to talk to their bank. its a lot. But I want to be of greater service to the people there. :3