Shortened University Names in Korean


There are over 300 universities in Korea and many of their names are shortened in spoken Korean, not necessarily because they are too long, but because it’s more convenient and quicker to use the shortened names. There is no fixed rule as to why certain university names are never shortened. In this video, teacher 경은 (Kyeong-eun) introduces 15 of the most commonly used shortened university names in Korea.

Korea University
: 고려대학교 → 고대

Hongik University
: 홍익대학교 → 홍대

National University of Education
: 교육대학교 → 교대

Konkuk University
: 건국대학교 → 건대

Yonsei University
: 연세대학교 → 연대

Sungkyunkwan University
: 성균관대학교 → 성대

Dankook University
: 단국대학교 → 단대

Dongguk University
: 동국대학교 → 동대

Korea Military Academy
: 육군사관학교 → 육사

Sookmyung Women’s University
: 숙명여자대학교 → 숙대

Korean National University of Arts
: 한국예술종합학교 → 한예종

Korea National Open University
: 한국방송통신대학교 → 방통대

Korea National Sport University
: 한국체육대학교 → 한체대

Ehwa Womans University
: 이화여자대학교 → 이대

Chung-Ang University
: 중앙대학교 → 중대

Is there any university name that we didn’t cover here, but you know if a shortened form exists? Let us know in the comments below!

Shortened University Names in Korean
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  • Harem

    Korea University of technology and Education
    한국 기술 교육 대학교

    • Kyung-hwa Sun

      Wow, thanks! =)

  • 중요해고 재미있어요^^

  • Mia

    Seoul National University
    : 서울대학교→ 서울대

    Why no SNU? LOL.

    • Oh, that’s because basically ALL university names can be shortened like that. 서울대, 경희대, etc. But the “name” part doesn’t change for many universities. For example, 서울대 doesn’t become 서대 and 경희대 doesn’t become 경대 😀

  • Indra

    와아아… 우리 대학교의 너무 아름다워요.
    건대 호수 이름은 일감호이라고 합니다. 🙂
    려러분들은 건대에 한 번 오세요!

  • 안우선

    한국외국어대학교 -> 외대

    • Kyung-hwa Sun


  • anna

    Really cool video!!! Very interesting to watch. May be U could do something similar about the most famous Korean museums or restaurants or something like that. Thank U!

  • Jérôme

    한국과학기술원 is KAIST and no one uses the korean name! But the same is true for almost all research institute in Daejeon: KIAS, KIST, KRISS,…

  • Cayo Costa

    Hey, guys!

    I’m from Brazil and i’m studying korean at home (thanks :D).
    I’m thinking of going to study in Korea, to doing my masters degree. What do you think? It’s normal to see many foreigners in your country? My major is urban planning.

  • ojah

    금오 공과 대학교?

  • Marina

    그리고 인하대학교???

  • I’m pretty sure 경북대학교 is 경대! At least that’s what it’s called on the Daegu Subway and it’s how the taxi drivers know it.

  • Jim

    서울과학기술대학교 –> 과기대

  • Joel

    Is it true that 대학 and 대학교 are different things?

    • No, they are same.
      대학 is shortened version of 대학교. I often shorten it like this.