Video | Counting 1 – 100 in sino-Korean numbers | 일, 이, 삼, 사

  • Ruben

    Wow saying the numbers out loud is kinda hard. Was wondering why the number 6 change from yuk to nyuk.


    • When ㄱ, ㅂ are followed by ㄹ, the sound is changed to ㄴ and ㅂ sound followed by ㄴ sound is changed to ㅁ sound.

      Therefore the pronounciation of 16 becomes [심뉵 sim-nyuk].

    • 알겠어요. 그리고 이 비디오에 계산하기는 끝날때까지 엄청 많아요. 읽기는 빨라져요 보인다~~~ ㅋㅋㅋ

    • Ilke

      Even though, its pronounciation changes, it is still written as 십육, right?

    • Yes. In written Korean, it will still be written as 십육.

  • 경은 선생님 아주 잘했어요 ^.^

  • Jürgen

    Is it recommended to use 십팔? Or better use 열여덟 instead to avoid misunderstandings with a swear word?

    • Don’t worry too much about it. I also use the former word a lot in daily conversation not for swear word.

      I think the important thing is the accent/intonation. When you count money, please say 십팔 만원, but 열여덟 만원.

  • Analiza Co

    i would like to know how to speak the korean numbers in words

  • ken [kihn]

    NOT boring to me. ! ! !!

  • Susan

    I thought it was hana, tul, set, net?

  • Devi

    Hello teacher!
    I have homework about korean numbers but it’s already more than 100.
    The number is 64.823.489.637.293.684.563
    They have 경, 조, 억, 만, 천, 백, 십.
    I’m sorry if my explanation is not clear enough because i can’t attach picture. Can you help me to solve it?

  • Gabtz

    Hello guys!!!

    I have a little question, in the audio lesson i here that zero in sino-koreans is 영 or 공…

    my questions is if i can use both of them whenever i want… for example, if i wanna say a phone number: 80865423 i can say 팔 공 팔 육 오 사 이 삼 or should i say 팔 영 팔 육 오 사 이 삼? or when i wanna say a plate number? …. thank you so much for your hard work… it’s really helpful for me… 너무 감사합니다!!! ^^

  • Bao NguyenLe

    just want to ask i have already learn of it but there is one thing i don’t know as how you write Sino-Korean numbers as 한자 숫자 and Native korean numbers as 한국어의 숫자???…not sure if i write it right, if it’s wrong please write correct one for me please………