Slang Expressions in Korean – Vol. 2

We have finally published another edition of Slang Expressions in Korean! In Volume 2, you can learn 30 more really useful Korean slang expressions that young Korean speakers use all the time. Here’s a sample audio track for you!

If you like to watch Korean movies or dramas, or if you get to talk to some Korean friends, you will have noticed that there are many slang expressions that used among young Koreans but are not really introduced or explained in dictionaries or textbooks. To help you stay up-to-date with Korean slang and help improve your Korean speaking skills, we made another edition of the popular program, Slang Expressions in Korean.


You can see some sample e-book pages and read more about the program on our online bookstore.

[Get the e-book and audio lesson here]

Slang Expressions in Korean – Vol. 2
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  • Dania Luouco

    Hi, Hyunwoo-oppa, Talk To Me In Korean team! I just wanted to thank you all for your effort. Your work is helping me in a very important way. Really, thank you again!