TTMIK Talk – Snowy Day in Seoul!

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Do you like snow? We don’t really like cold weather, but LOVE it when it snows! Teacher Kyeong-eun shows you around a little when it’s snowing. Please turn on captions to see subtitles.



This video’s subtitles are available in many different languages, thanks to our awesome volunteer translators!


TTMIK Talk – Snowy Day in Seoul!
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  • Pretty. But it seems very cold. How cold is there?

  • lin

    장갑이 너무 재미있어요!

  • Sayat

    =) I think is not so cold like in Kazakhstan =) today there minus 41…

  • Rigo

    Nice video , nice gloves too
    I’m sure i have seen that park before in your films

  • Taylor

    In the USA it just depends on where you live. In the south it hardly snows in the north is always snows. But where i live we get snow about every ten-twenty years, it hardly ever gets below 30 degrees here. Which makes me mad, because i love winter fashion and i hate heat. Sometimes in the middle of winter it will be 80-90 degrees in the south! BUMMER!!! Loved the video. Must be nice to have snow. 그래죠 선생님?

  • 아틸라

    안녕! 재미있는 비디오!

    런던에서 눈을 없어요…
    (There is no snow in London…)

  • Anik

    Wow !! The snowy day ;-).. I don’t like cold but I wish I could feel the snowy 😀 as in Indonesia we don’t get snow at all :). I love your gloves too !!

  • Old Boy

    This is the most visually appealing video you guys have made.

  • micj

    very nice vid!!! thanks for the effort!! one small request, could you upload the pdf files as well? I could download the video but there is no subtitlesTT

  • 아틸라

    흠ㅁㅁㅁ… 저도 또한 한국어 PDF 스크립트에 대한 꿈있어요… 🙂
    (Hmmm… I also dream about the Korean PDF script…)

  • Sayana

    우와 예쁘네요ㅋㅋ 러시아에 첫눈이 온 날에는 길이 많이 막혔어요ㅠ 집에 가는 길이 보통 30분 정도 걸리는데 그날에는 3시간 쯤 걸렸어요ㅜㅡ 눈을 완전 좋아하는데… 눈 싸움도 당연히 좋아하죠ㅋㅋ 어렸을때는 우리오빠랑 눈사람을 굉장히 많이 만들었어요. 하하 이상하네요. 생각해보니까 어린 기억에 우리오빠랑 놀렸던 거억 밖에 없더라고요ㅎㅎ 어느 날 놀다가 좀 다쳤는데 저희 어머니가 오빠에게 완전 혼나셨다고 아직도 거억해요. 원래 그렇지는 않아요. 저때문에 진짜 고생 많이 받으셨는 것같아요ㅜㅜ 그래서 오빠 말 잘 들어야겠어요ㅋㅋ 열공해야겠어요. 한국어도 더 열심히 배워야겠어요..

  • Nabila

    I was in Seoul, Korea when it first started snowing… It was so cold!! Negative degrees… >.< Normally people would walk with an umbrella to avoid the snow. The ground is so slippery, it's impossible to just walk normally..!! There were accidents too…

    p/s: Kyeongeun eonni, you look so comfortable in the snow!! If I were you, I'd rather be in a warmer place…

  • Kyeongeun is soo cute!!!

  • please teach me to speak korean …i need an asian boyfriend

  • osama

    it would be much better if there were korean subtitles

    • You can turn it on. There’s the little [cc] button “closed captions” I guess. Then you can choose all kinds of languages.