Street Korean Episode 2 – Sinchon (신촌(1/2)) – Words You See on the Streets

Welcome to our new series Street Korean! Even after studying a lot of Korean, when you finally arrive in Korea and walk around, you will notice a lot of words and expressions that you have NEVER learned before – and that’s not your fault. There is always a limit to what textbooks and most language courses can teach you especially when it comes to what you can see out in the streets – signs, product names, advertisements, etc..

In this episode of Street Korean, Jina Kim and Terris Brown went to 신촌 (Sinchon).

You can watch the video and learn the words briefly, and also study them in more detail with the audio program and the e-book. You can get it on our store:

Here is a sample of the audio program of Street Korean Episode 2.

And here are some sample pages of the e-book.

streetkorean2 스크린샷 2014-08-17 오후 9.06.05 스크린샷 2014-08-17 오후 9.06.14 스크린샷 2014-08-17 오후 9.06.22

(Click the images above to see them in a bigger size.)

We hope you enjoyed watching this video and find our audio program and e-book useful as well! 한국어 공부 재미있게 하세요!

Get the audio program here:

Street Korean Episode 2 – Sinchon (신촌(1/2)) – Words You See on the Streets
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  • Destiny Eaker

    How exciting! This is where I’ll be moving to next month for the next year 😀

  • Gerard M M Vignes

    do koreans like gift giving as much as japanese do? if so, are there gift shops nearby (where you are filming) where one can pick up a small gift for a friend?

    • Yes and yes : ) Sinchon has a lot of small and big shops (including a big department store) where you can go gift shopping!