[Video] Korean Tongue Twister 4


Do you love tongue twisters? There are many tongue twisters in Korean, too! Tongue twister sentences don’t necessarily make much sense in themselves, but they are fun to practice saying and they can help you improve you Korean pronunciation! Seokjin is the host for our Korean Tongue Twister videos and here is the 4th video in the series!

After practicing saying the tongue twister, how about making your own video response?

[Video] Korean Tongue Twister 4
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  • 수봉 in 구미

    그 tongue twister를 영어로 번역해주세요.

    • Ah! This is my favorite Korean tongue twister, I used to practice it a lot.

      “The president of the soy sauce factory is Mr Kang
      And the president of the bean paste factory is Mr Kong.”

    • Nate

      “간장공장 공장장은 강 공장장이고, 된장 공장 공장장은 장 공장장이다.”
      Guess it would be something like “The owner/manager of the soy sauce factory is Mr. Gang and the owner/manager of the soybean paste factory is Mr. Jang.

      edit: must’ve been beat by a few seconds haha

    • Thanks so much for the explanation guys. ; )

  • Mariela

    Thank you for posting tongue twisters! I love it and it can make see how fast i learned the language. I’m on intermediate level !!!yeah I have been teaching myself Korean for about a year now.. thank you TTMIK!!!AJA!!!HWAITING!!!