[Video] Korean Tongue Twister 5


Do you love tongue twisters? There are many tongue twisters in Korean, too! Tongue twister sentences don’t necessarily make much sense in themselves, but they are fun to practice saying and they can help you improve you Korean pronunciation! Seokjin is the host for our Korean Tongue Twister videos and here is the 5th video in the series!

After practicing saying the tongue twister, how about making your own video response?

Korean Tongue Twister #5

저기 있는 저 분은 백 법학박사이고, 여기 있는 이 분은 박 법학박사이다.


법학 박사 [beo-pak bak-sa] = a doctor of laws, someone who has a Ph.D in laws
이 분 [yi-bun] = This person
저 분 [jeo-bun] = That person

Just like any other tongue twister in any other language, this particular phrase doesn’t have a special meaning to it. This was made so that you can practice your Korean pronunciation.

“백 법학박사” means someone who has a Ph.D. in laws whose last name is “Baek” and 박 법학박사 refers to someone with a Ph.D in laws whose last name is “Park”.

[Video] Korean Tongue Twister 5
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    Haha, great lesson.
    Funny picture btw.

  • Desiree

    I love how you guys are doing daily posts these days…so much content YAY. THANK YOU

  • 좋은~사람

    I hate it when 석진 says ‘I’m sure you are able to say this!’. Haha, like we actually can.

    • 오를리

      hahaha .but we can if we try hard:)

  • 오를리

    Hi Seokjin ! thank you:) i’ll try but it way difficult

  • ha ha i like the tongue twister i’ll try a hundred times but it so hard………

  • hope there is a english subtitles for the Korean twister words for us to know how to read it…

    • Ah… I see. You will find the pronounciations of several words when you see the description of youtube.

  • so great.. but so hard to get<<
    next time i will try my best hahaha
    tnx for this lesson