[Video] Korean Tongue Twister 6


Do you love tongue twisters? There are many tongue twisters in Korean, too! Tongue twister sentences don’t necessarily make much sense in themselves, but they are fun to practice saying and they can help you improve you Korean pronunciation! Seokjin is the host for our Korean Tongue Twister videos and here is the 6th video in the series!

After practicing saying the tongue twister, how about making your own video response?

Korean Tongue Twister #6 – 경찰청 쇠창살 외철창살, 검찰청 쇠창살 쌍철창살

경찰청 [Gyeong-chal-cheong] = the chief of the National Police Agency

검찰청 [Geom-chal-cheong] = Public Prosecutors’ Office

철창살 [cheol-chang-sal] = steel bars of window

외 [oe] = single

쌍 [ssang] = double


[Video] Korean Tongue Twister 6
  • Angelica Andretti

    haha! That was awesome….I can only dream of saying that right now 😀

  • 너무 어려워요 ㅠ_ㅠ

  • 니키


  • 우와..정말 재밌어…해보고 싶어! 그런데 한국어 트위스터를 잘 못해요 ᅮᅮ

  • Saba

    wooooow,that’s haaaaard!!!!!

  • i think i could speak that if i stay in korea for one year… hahahaha

  • malika

    chincha chemi-issoyo=))))

  • nurida

    LOL!! i tried it, it’s difficult T_T

  • Running out of breath just trying to read it out loud

  • 저는 talktomeinkorean.com를 아주 좋아해요 !!!

  • so difficult !!! hihi

  • kho qua !!!!

  • jack

    wow! cool! at first it was very hard but eventually after 1000 times of saying it, i got it now..ehe.. just kidding..