[Video] Korean Tongue Twister 7


Do you love tongue twisters? There are many tongue twisters in Korean, too! Tongue twister sentences don’t necessarily make much sense in themselves, but they are fun to practice saying and they can help you improve you Korean pronunciation! Seokjin is the host for our Korean Tongue Twister videos and here is the 7th video in the series!

After practicing saying the tongue twister, how about making your own video response?

Korean Tongue Twister #7 – 철수 철책상

철수 [cheol-su] = a male Korean name

철 [cheol] = steel, iron

책상 [chaek-sang] = desk

[Video] Korean Tongue Twister 7
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  • fb

    These videos are awesome!
    They always make me laugh when I’m trying to say it — serious tongue twisters. It would be awesome if I had a cam to record me doing it though..
    Can’t wait for more..
    감사합니다 for the video 선생님!

  • Haha! it’s awesome!

  • Sarah

    Even the ‘easy’ ones are hard! But I’m trying. Thank you 석진 씨 🙂