[Video] Korean Tongue Twisters 1-3


Do you love tongue twisters? Well, there are many tongue twisters in Korean, too! Tongue twister sentences don’t necessarily make much sense in themselves, but they are fun to practice saying and they can help you improve you Korean pronunciation! Seokjin is the host for our Korean Tongue Twister videos and here are three of them!

After practicing saying the tongue twisters, how about making your own video response?
Here are the links to all the video responses submitted by other TalkToMeInKorean listeners!

Video responses to Tongue Twister #1 [Click]

Video responses to Tongue Twister #2 [Click]

Video responses to Tongue Twister #3 [Click]


[Video] Korean Tongue Twisters 1-3
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  • 너무 힘들어요! 하지만 할 수 있어요~~~~

  • i think 2nd one is the easiest followed by the 3rd and then the 1st.

    i love tongue twisters!!!

  • 쉴라

    nice postcast=)
    well now i have a challenge for you 석 진 오빠!
    im from dominican republic and my mother tongue is spanish, so i have a tongue twister for you in spanish:

    pancha plancha con cuatro planchas, con cuantas planchas plancha pancha?
    it means: pancha irons with four irons, how many irons pancha irons with?

    so, there you are! i hope you make a postcast with this tongue twister!


    • Hey!! I don’t know to read Spanish! If you want me to make a podcast, you should let me know how to say it. Then I will try! : )

    • hey 쉴라 plancha in philippines has a same meaning i never thought that haha but I know that some spanish words use by Filipinos now like cuatro hehe…

  • 쉴라

    well i will make it, but i really dont know where to send it to you!=)
    so let me know any direction and then i will send it! ^^

  • oh i’ts a littlebit easy haha what I mean is it makes me me confuse what next after the word but if I understand it, I think I can do it well… but it still make my tongue twist haha… 이거 촣아해요…

  • tinteaha

    i cant follow bcoz it so hard for me…can u write in romanji, please!!!!

  • 히엔

    Tongue Twister series 정말 재미있습니다. 좋아해요. 공부하고 있습니다.

  • Marwa

    C’est trop bien ^^