Korean Immersion Tour Review by Students

안녕하세요! Happy Saturday! We hope you are having a great weekend : ) Here are some reviews from the participants for the Korean Immersion Tour done by Kyeong-eun this month. Korean Immersion Tour is an opportunity for you to have a more immersive experience of speaking in Korean while living in or visiting Seoul. You can find more upcoming sessions on our meet-up page.


You learn best when you have a reason to learn. And even if you study hard, if you don’t put yourself in challenging and motivating situations from time to time, you will find yourself hitting a plateau for a long time. How many hours a week do you really put into practicing your Korean? If you really think about it, the amount of time that you actually get to spend forming new sentences and feeling that positive pressure to express your ideas in Korean might not be less than a couple of hours a week or even month. Through this tour, you can challenge yourself, test yourself, learn new phrases, have experiences that will help that new knowledge stick, and also generally have a good time speaking Korean.

You can see the schedule for all the upcoming sessions and sign up on our meet-up page.


Korean Immersion Tour Review by Students
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  • Stephen Mendenhall

    I wish I were in Korea to participate in these awesome tours!