TTMIK Friends – Ben Grady

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Meet our friend Ben Grady, originally from Scotland, grew up in London and studying at Durham University now, who visited us in Seoul a few days ago. Hyojin and Ben sat down to talk a little in Korean : ) Hope you enjoy this conversation! [Korean & English subtitles available.]

Thanks for studying with us!

Ben Grady

Hyojin An

TTMIK Friends – Ben Grady
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  • I wanted to hear him speak in english… i love scottish accents 😀 Oh! and good job Hyojin-onnie

  • Steven Wilson

    Wow~ speaking Korean like a boss! : D

    • moon

      yes i think so.his korean is very i wish i could speak fluent korean

  • Syabie Yassin

    He really speak Korean well. Also, have a very good voice.

  • That guy speaks korean so easily ( seems that way,to me) and i just wish i could speak like him! ,i know i will !! aja aja fighthing!!

    thank you TTMIK, once again- you got me motiveated!

  • Mel

    we have to visit korea to speak very well korean

  • Taylor

    WOW he speaks korean so well!!!! maybe one day ill be able to speak that fluently…i cnt wait for that day to come!!!

  • Jintana

    I wish I could speak well like him.

  • Omg I’ve seen this guy on youtube before!! He’s such a great singer 😀

  • 와, 진짜 잘하네요! 특히 발음이 완전 한국사람같아요! 저도 이렇게 잘했으면 좋겠는데요!! 공부를 좀 더 열심히 해야겠어요:)

  • krs

    우와! Hes Korean is great! I wish to be as good as him in the future! Fighting!!!!