TTMIK Talk – Ice cream

  • Wonderful

  • Federica

    저는 아이스크림 너무 줗아에요!
    이타리에 아이스크림을 정말 맛있어요!!!

  • Have you tasted Spicy Ginger ice cream? It’s like ginger tea, only it’s cold and creamy! I eat it coz I love the originality. ^_^
    (sorry it’s not in hangugo, I’m just starting to learn it, but i’ll get there. ^^)

  • 우리 학교에는 석진 씨가 먹는 아이스크림을 파는데 한번도 못 먹었어요. 먹어 봐야겠당~~

  • 브라질에서 아이스크림들은 다른 이름있다. We always try to put name in everything. I prefer 효진’s ice-cream because it is more practice and I don’t dirty my hands compared to 경은’ ice-cream. Unfortunately, I’ve never eaten or seen ice-cream like 석진 is eating. I think I have to eat one when I go to Korea.

  • hestina

    i don’t like icecream at all because i don’t like sweety and it is cold and bad for a girl’s body.

  • Samier

    경은 씨처럼 저도 달콤한 아이스크림 싶지 않아서 그냥 단순하고 초콜릿을 좋아해요. 그래서 가장 좋아하는 맛들은 녹차와 망고에요 ㅎㅎ 이상하죠? 사실 미국에서 녹차 맛은 찾기가 쉽지 않군요.

    어쟀든 티티믹 고맙습니당~

  • Keyatta

    I have never tried Korean ice cream but, the way the ice cream look….I JUSTWANT TO TRY IT!!!:D

    I also have a question about Seokjin ice cream, how do your rice cake ice cream taste? is it good? the reason why i am asking is because i have never seen no ice cream like that in my life. plus, it kinda looks like the japanese mochi ice cream but much bigger.

  • Ara

    I love ice cream! i like rocky road and cookies and cream 🙂

  • Emanuele Disco

    저는 Cornetto Algida 너무 좋아해요

  • I love ice cream a lot! I know it could add some inches to my figure, but I swear I hardly can get rid of testing any…lol! I haven’t tested any Korean ice cream so far, but of course can test if get any:)

  • 오~ 아이스크림을 넘 넘 좋아한데요!!
    내 생각에도 아주 달콤한 것은 좋지 않아서 나도,제일 좋아하는 막들은 녹차랑 망고예요!!

    오늘은 캐나다에서 휴일 ( 빅토리아 데이) 이어서 아이스크림 차는 내 집 밖 근처에 와서 맛있는 아이스크림을 살 수 있었어다

  • I don’t like ice cream much, caz it feels like i’m getting fat after eating it.

    You guys VOD is pretty fun.

  • BrighterThanMushroom

    아 … 나는 진짜 아이스크림 먹어싶어요 …난 정말 배고파요 ..아이스크림는 진짜 맛있아요 .. hurm … how I wish I could go to Korea …..

  • Jakjac

    i love MELONA ice cream

  • Oh, that video is too cute.
    비디오가 너무 귀여워요!!!

  • 이하영

    Cookies and cream이 진짜 좋죠

  • Ki

    I’ve eaten lots of Korean ice cream because there’s a local Korean mart at our place 😀 It’s really delicious, I like MELONA so much and that carp shaped ice cream with red beans yuuum~

    I love red beans but I’m just 15? Whyyy? =.=”

    But I like patbingsu more~ yuuum ^___^