TTMIK Talk – Pizza

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Many of you might already know that pizzas are a *little* bit different in Korea from in other countries. In this episode of TTMIK Talk, teachers 석진, 경은 and 경화 sat down to talk about pizzas in Korea, while eating some pizza! Listen to the natural conversation between the three people and enjoy learning some new vocabulary words!

This e-book contains the full transcript, translation, vocabulary list as well as comprehension quizzes. The e-book is 63 pages long.

If you have any questions about the series, or if you have a topic or place that you’d like us to cover in the TTMIK Talk format, please let us know by writing to us at! 감사합니다.

TTMIK Talk – Pizza
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  • Rossella

    it always feels weird to see how pizza is made overseas, maybe because I’m italian and pizza is supposed to have been invented in my country. We do usually eat one whole pizza, some places even offer smaller pizzas for who want to eat less, but its much simpler and thinner too. In my region the cost of a pizza is just around 5 euro but the southern you go the cheaper it gets.
    You know why non-koreans doesn’t eat pickles? Because they usually washes the grease by drinking soda.

    My korean is really bad, I could only understand like 10% of it, but it was interesting to see 🙂