[Video] Mini Drama / “Where are you going?”


Why do Korean always ask you “Where are you going?” We hope you enjoy this new mini drama made by TalkToMeInKorean!

Through this video we look at various types of occasions where Koreans would naturally ask others where they are going, without really intending to find out where their friend is headed. 어디 가요? [eo-di ga-yo?], 어디 가세요? [eo-di ga-se-yo?], or 어디 가? [eo-di ga?] is a very common way of greeting each other when Koreans bump into each other in the street. Learn more about this culture by watching the video!

Special thanks to Murray and Clara for helping us out with the video shoot!

Clara is an awesome photographer. Check out her photo at http://silkroutes.tumblr.com/

Intro video by http://www.youtube.com/nunee12



[Video] Mini Drama / “Where are you going?”
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  • Jem

    Nice video 😀 Hmm..The street where Clara and Seokjin first met looks familiar to me..but I’m not too sure ^^ Where in Seoul did you shoot this?

  • hahaha……… interesting!

    • 후스나, 이런 한국문화가 알아요? 저는 알은 적 아직 없어요. 후스나는 알았죠?

  • steven

    Ha ha so awesome!

    When people asked that, I though they wanted to hang out or something.

    So they would be like “where are you going?” then I would say “I’m going to do X. Wanna come?” to be polite since they were obviously desperately bored.

    And then would be like “No…” Then I would be sad, because I thought they thought, where i was going was so boring, they would rather not do it. :'(

    I like the video a lot because I can related. I often wanted to do what Murray does at the end. “HYUNWOO! I’m going to Sincheon, I’m meeting my friends, you’d better go tell everyone else that!” : )

    • Have I ever asked you this question? If so, SORRY 😛

  • 오 재미있어요 ^^
    한국에 가본적 아직 없어서 갈때 알을 거예요~ ㅎㅎ
    근데 어떻게 대답해야해요?

    • 안녕하세요, 소진씨^^ 그냥 아주 간단하게 대답하든지(응, 학교 가~너는? or 응, 친구 만나러~ 너는? or 일이 좀 있어서~너는?)이렇게 간단하게 대답하고 ‘and you?/how about you?’를 물어봐 주면 돼요^^
      그럼 물어 본 사람도 간단하게 대답할 거예요^^

  • IN addition to that Koreans asks another question very often. Whenever I introduce my Korean friends to my other Korean friends (they both don’t know each other). First question they will ask to my friends is : How do you know each other…or how they met me (a foreigner)!!!!……………shhhhhhhhh… Some time I don’t like this question being asked to my other friends.. I feel embarrassed! Because then I have to start giving explanations etc.

  • Syita

    ㅋㅋ 재밌네요~
    제 나라도 비슷한 문화 있어요..^^

  • Samier

    Awesome video TTMIK!

    This is almost equivalent to “what’s up?” in English. The automatic response Americans give is, “nothing” 😀


  • Mathieu

    Love the Canadian addition to your group! haha. Keep up the informational videos! ^^

  • 쉴라

    well, this is kinda hilarious because here in my country when someone ask you “where are you going”? is because that person wants to go with you to the place you are heading to, wants to talk to you or maybe just wants to invite you to some other place! but its just awesome to know that you guys ask that as a way to say HELLO

  • I think this expression is similar to the expression “How are you?” here in America. Most of the people I meet at work ask me this question but don’t really care about my answer. I guess, It’s just another way of saying “Hi!”.

  • 재미있어요! ㅋㅋㅋ ^^
    중국에서는 아는 사람들을 만날때 ” 밥을 먹었어요?” 이런 말을 자주 물어봐요.사실은 밥을 먹었는지 사람들이 관심 없어요.그냥 인사 예요. ㅋㅋ 선생님들이 중국 친구 있으면 ” 밥을 먹었어요? ” 이런 말을 들으면 그냥 ” 네,먹었어요.” 이렇게 대답하면 돼요. ^^

  • 외울 것이 너무 많은가요?ㅎㅎ
    너무 좋아~

  • Yes, when asked, 어디 가? its just a form of greetings to ask like “How are you doing?

    Same goes with a unique greeting in Singapore.
    I’ve been living in Singapore and the Chinese-speaking community tend to ask “Have You Eaten?” – “你吃飽了嗎? Pronounce 니 츠 바오 러 마?” to ask “How are you doing?”. They don’t really care if you have eaten or not, just a form of greeting

  • niennie

    hahaha fun video to watch and learn from! great job. Now I get it “where are you going ?” in Korea are the same as “what are you doing ?” in my country…something that people ask (despite they already know what you are obviously doing) just to say hello in another way ^^. I guess every culture this sort of thing :=)

  • Fanny

    This expression is equivalent to “¿cómo le va?” in spanish. And the answer is” fine” or the famous Costa Rican expression “pura vida” (just cool).

  • ingrid

    Love it!! thank you!!!!!!!!! i really like it because i can learn more about how do you guys do on your daily lives!!!

  • Anjelita

    So what’s an appropriate response? “안녕하세요”? Because I know when you ask “what’s up” in English people don’t care much about the response but it would answer the question like “nothing” or “not much” or “the sky” (haha, pun). So if someone asks you this should you say something like “nowhere” or “over there” or “this way” rather than explaining the specific place you’re going? Like a more vague response? Hahah, sorry, I like to be really thorough in my understanding of things. 감사압니다!

  • berat

    hey i am a korean beginner know almost nothing only know a few lines
    i am willing to learn korean i have time to learn it got nothing on my hands now 😛
    ive heard poeple said learn hangul first its soooo easy i dont know what their talking about what the definition of easy is i dont get shit of it any1 can reply back to this ??


  • JBag “HyoJun”


    hahaha, 정말 hillarious!

    Koreans really do care about each other, even if they didn’t really notice it.
    Anyway, 고마워, 선생님.

  • Isaberuchan

    Nice video! So, if you get asked where you are going what should you answer?