Recording for TTMIK Book


We have been working for a while now on publishing our TalkToMeInKorean lessons as printed books that will be available in bookstores. As you know you can already access our lessons on our website or buy the bulk download packages on, but we know many of you also like to study with printed books. Many Korean language textbooks are available in bookstores in Korea now, but not many of them are suitable for self-studying.

So we hope that our books will help more people learn Korean on their own, as well as help our listeners review with a book what they have learned before on the website and through our audio lessons. Our TTMIK Books were actually going to be published sooner, but it took longer than we had thought to reach a final agreement with the publisher about the overall design and concept of the book. So, if you’ve been waiting for them for a while, sorry about that! But we have finally recorded the vocabulary, phrases and sample dialogues for the first book today, so we hope the book will be finished soon and available for everybody.

It took us about two hours to record everything, but it was a lot of fun too. Hope you enjoy the short video from the studio as well. Thank you so much!

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Recording for TTMIK Book
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  • Hi,
    thank you so much Talktomeinkorean! now I am leaning new language because of you guys! thanks.

    Btw, how can I write my name in korean? my name is Maxseth Berroya 😀

    • moobuls

      hi maxseth

      it is your name 막세쓰 베로야

  • Hi,

    I discovered your site a few months ago and now I have almost finished level two. I love this site and I love your free pod casts. Thank you so much. In one week I will be going into an intense Korean language training program and in a few months I will be living in Korea. I haven’t been commenting on your lessons so far because they’re all older videos, but I felt like I should thank you at least once. I know that having visited your site will make it so much easier for me to learn Korean. 감사합니다.

  • Please come to for lots of Korea fashion!

  • Serina

    I discovered your site accidentally few months ago by searching ‘Korean’ in facebook. I needed practice so badly because I started learning Korean since 25. (actually, I think it is a bit too late for me to perfectly pick up and get used to a language.) In the past, I was so scared a new language would be very challenging and I would get extremely bored after studying for a long long time (I’ve been studying for two years now).

    Really thanks for your site here. I really love this and I find that you guys are really paying a lot of effort and showing great enthusiasm to help Korean learners. The videos are fun. When watching your videos, I feel like enjoying Korean language study a lot. I will keep catching up the news here. Please update more news about Korean as I also love Korean culture a lot.

  • Thanks for your help with Korean. It provides a lot of resources in order to improve the language. I leave a free Spanish course in case someone is interested in