Recording for TTMIK Book


We have been working for a while now on publishing our TalkToMeInKorean lessons as printed books that will be available in bookstores. As you know you can already access our lessons on our website or buy the bulk download packages on, but we know many of you also like to study with printed books. Many Korean language textbooks are available in bookstores in Korea now, but not many of them are suitable for self-studying.

So we hope that our books will help more people learn Korean on their own, as well as help our listeners review with a book what they have learned before on the website and through our audio lessons. Our TTMIK Books were actually going to be published sooner, but it took longer than we had thought to reach a final agreement with the publisher about the overall design and concept of the book. So, if you’ve been waiting for them for a while, sorry about that! But we have finally recorded the vocabulary, phrases and sample dialogues for the first book today, so we hope the book will be finished soon and available for everybody.

It took us about two hours to record everything, but it was a lot of fun too. Hope you enjoy the short video from the studio as well. Thank you so much!

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Recording for TTMIK Book
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  • Angelica Andretti

    What a wonderful new venture for you…Congrats! Can’t wait to see the book 🙂

  • Maciej

    So cool, I can’t wait!

    I hope the prices will be affordable for us non-US citizens and outside-of-Korea-listeners, too!

  • Stella

    That’s exciting!
    Your lessons are easy to follow, so I will definitely be looking forward to a whole book of them.

  • Teru

    Yaaay, it’s so amazing!! I’m really looking forward your book!^O^

  • Julia

    All of the books and workbooks we have been given have Korean directions and instructions; my Korean is decent, but it isn’t that good! Really looking forward to brushing up on my Korean and teaching Korean to my children with a book that has English instructions.

    My one request: please leave out the Romanization. Let the reading focus be on 한글 to help users get used to seeing and reading 한글 in 한글.

    • Julia,

      That’s one of the reasons we wanted to make this book. Teaching Korean in 100% Korean from the beginner level is… somewhat unrealistic.

      And as for the romanizations, I’m afraid they will be there at least in the first few books. ^^

    • Trent

      I don’t think romanization is bad as long as the hangeul is included, too. Many people in foreign countries might be scared to buy a book with no romanization.

    • Melody

      Well, Julia, if someone is an absolute beginner or learning Korean for the first time, they need to know how to read and pronounce Hangul. They can’t go straight to Hangul and know how to say things right off the bat. Yes, they need to learn how to read Hangul, but they need to know how pronunciation works also. We can’t just exclude them and have no romanization for them. ^^

      Since I believe TTMIK will make many books, anyone can start at the book they want according to their knowledge of Korean. If the first book is all romanization, then you can go to the second book or third book, or so on.

      Just a little thought~

  • That one guy

    I’m so gonna buy this. Make sure you announce this on YouTube aswell when it’s out or I might miss it 🙂

    / Edit: Oh wait, only bookstores or online too?

    • I wanna know the answer to that question too!!

    • We’ll be sure to announce it everywhere 😀

      And yes, they will be available in bookstores AND online too! Thanks!

  • Laksana

    Wow, that’s great!
    Actually I have a number of Korean learning books in my native language, but I seldom read them because TTMIK is the best, either from the explanation or the learning material !

    Looking forward for this great book!

  • Julie

    Thank you so much guys!

    I’m gonna buy this book as soon as possible!
    Good job! And fighting! :))

  • When you say available in bookstores you mean like people like me (the sucky whiney people who ask for diff payment system other than PayPal) will be able to get them because of how available they will be in places other than MyKoreanStore? Did I get that right?

    If I did then cool I’m excited but if I didn’t well then I don’t care its irrelevant to me!!

  • Rigo

    Wow tha’ts great , thank you for your hard work

  • lean

    I wanna buy too.

  • Antony Cerqueira

    I’m really looking forward this!!!!! I’ll definitely buy all of’em hehehehe.
    Thanks TTMIK teachers for making our learning way more enjoyable and easier.

  • 철기

    Hope it will be available as an e-book. Because I never buy hard copy books anymore – take up too much room in luggage and too hard to carry around.

  • Catisli

    Gracias el duro trabajo y todo el esfuerzo que han puesto en las lecciones y ahora en la publicación del libro. He aprendido mucho gracias a ustedes. 감사합니다

  • Xin Yi

    Will it be selling in Singapore?

  • Susan

    This is awesome! I can’t wait for this; it is going to be a great asset in my venture to learn Korean. Thank you so much!

  • Mika

    I’m so glad you guys have been able to come this far! I love listening to your lessons as they are really helpful and fun to listen to. I’m excited to read these books after they are published 🙂 TTMIK is really a great resource!

  • 아리아나

    수고 많이 하셨어요! 많이감사합니다! I will buy the book! ^_^

  • Jennifer

    Yay! I can’t wait! 🙂 I love listening to your podcasts because they are very, very helpful. However . . . I still love using textbooks, so now I will be able to have the best of both! 감사합니다!!!

  • Noe

    En verdad estoy muy contenta de que puedan llevar a cabo una tarea tan grande! los felicito y agradezco a todos por hacer tanto trabajo para que podamos aprender coreano de una forma muy sencilla!. Espero con ansias el libro!

  • Maria

    Wow, I definitely can’t wait for this!! I hope it will be available in the Philippines too! Thank you so much for your patience with us and all the effort & hard work you’re putting into this! You guys are definitely amazing! 🙂

  • I wish I could get them in Argentina!

  • Ploysandy

    ready to buy ! love you guys so much ^__________^

  • ina

    Waah this is awesome!! Congratulations for finally getting it printed^.^ haha this is cool you could actually go into a bookstore and say oh btw I made this hehe 🙂

  • Deanna

    I’m so excited! I love the site and I can’t wait to get the book! You guys are awesome. Thank you so much for your hard work 🙂

  • 라넬

    나는 필리핀에서 TTMIK책을 기다릴거예요. 수고 많으셨습니다!

  • sairi

    I hope this book will be available before October 10, so i can ask my friend to buy me this book when he visit korea 🙂 감사합니다!

  • Gabriel

    That looks great 🙂 Really looking forward to it.

    Just wondering something as I don’t know anything about book writing and publishing. How come you are “recording for the book” ? is it an audiobook, is there going to be an audio version of the book or is it just normal procedure for written books? maybe I missed something 🙂 Anyway, keep up the great work, your lessons are really well structured 😀

    • Melody

      Maybe it’s a workbook that comes with a CD/MP3 file ^^

  • 하녀

    Is it more like the current lessons re-done, a complementary for current content or works as completely standalone?

    Is it less casual than the current lessons (less chatting and more like traditional study books)? (Note: my experience is only from Level 1 lessons so far.)

    It will be available online but will it we available as a digital version?

    This sounds interesting! If you’re going to distribute worldwide (I hope so), here’s a hint from my experience: Living in Northern Europe lot of times when I want to buy something online, even if the item is affordable (for example between $20-30), sometimes the delivery cost is just too much (usually anything from $15 to $50) and nullifies the cheap price of the item. Naturally, often cheap delivery is offered to North America only, even from shops that are not located there – and there’s nothing wrong with that, don’t get me wrong – but don’t forget us who live elsewhere, even though we might be a much smaller market. In my country there are ZERO Korean lessons or teachers outside one single university, so while studying my dream career self-study for Korean is the only option for me. If you decide to distribute a digital edition I would get it in a heartbeat. Assuming the shipping costs are what they usually are, there really is no winner over holding a physical book but sometimes convenience (along with student budget) wins. Though I guess it kinds of defeats the purpose of making a book with the purpose of having it in printed form…

    Nevertheless, definitely looking forward to your product! I hope you figured out everything with the publisher and got to make it with your vision and technique, it has been working great so far with the lessons.

  • 하녀

    Oh, forgot about answer key, I hope you deliver one. Even some books meant for self-study don’t do that, crazy!

  • ryan

    Will the book be available via amazon?

    Thanks – and congratulations on the book.

  • hwa

    can get at Malaysia??


    its great to know that! im curious and excited to know all about the book… ah will it be available in the philippines??? tnx and god bless..

  • jose

    i prefer Hangul instead romanization…sometimes are easier to read but difficult to understand…i been learning korean by myself.4 years ago.and at first was a challenge with no information or sources to learn but now i can say i now a little more than before..GOD bless you all of you

  • Tina

    Finally! I waste so much paper printing because I can only print on one side unless I pay for a printer to print it to do both sides.