[TTMIK Live Teacher Feature] Meet Jessica Han

Jessica Han

Jessica Han (한고운), an enthusiastic, fun-loving, globe-hopping TTMIK Live teacher who originally hails from South Korea, is currently living and working in Tainan City, Taiwan.

Jessica speaks Korean as a first language and English as a second. She loves sharing what she knows about the Korean language and culture with others and loves learning new languages. In fact, she just started studying Mandarin Chinese!

In college, Jessica studied and graduated with a degree in tourism management and she loves to travel. She has visited the United States, Hong Kong, Germany, India, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, China, Japan, and Taiwan. Since she loves traveling and culture exchange, Jessica became a teacher because she thought it would be an interesting and joyful experience.

Jessica has a few years of tutoring experience under her belt. Before becoming a teacher at TTMIK Live a little over a year ago, she tutored her friends in Korean while she was still living in Korea. She likes to plan lessons for her students ahead of time and make a curriculum for each student based on the student’s wants, needs, and Korean ability. She also likes to “go with the flow” in order to practice with students who are fluent in Korean, but are not an environment where they can speak or practice enough.

One of Jessica’s current students, Nick, really loves his tutoring sessions with Jessica and has seen a dramatic improvement in his Korean skills over the course of eight months.

“Hello, I’m Nick and I’m from the United States.  I have been using Talk To Me In Korean’s one-on-one tutoring sessions for eight months. When I first started using the tutoring service, I was barely able to read, speak, or recognize anything in Korean. Now I am able to speak and read more fluently and naturally than I ever could have just through learning on my own. I owe all my success to one person: my tutor, Jessica Han.  Jess is nothing short of an amazing tutor. Her hard work, dedication, and motivation are the only reason I have stuck with Korean language learning.  I highly recommend using TTMIK’s one-on-one tutoring sessions, especially if they are with Jess.”

When she’s not working, Jessica likes to film things and vlog on YouTube. You can check out her channel here: Jessica Han’s YouTube Channel

She loves listening to music (Eminem, Adele, Shakira, and M.I.A. are some of her favorites), trying all different types of foods, and watching movies. Jessica also really enjoys watching reality shows or various American and British dramas when she has time because “they are funny and sometimes give me good life lessons”.  Her favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate and she would love to live in Africa!

Jessica is available for many tutoring sessions at TTMIK Live, so sign up for an account and pick a day and time with Jessica! 🙂

[TTMIK Live Teacher Feature] Meet Jessica Han