[Ask Hyojin] University Tuition in Korea

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How much tuition do university students pay in your country? As part of our “University Life in Korea” series, in this video we talk about tuition in Korea. Attending college seems to be much more expensive in the US than in Korea, but there are some interesting differences between the two countries. We only compared the US and Korea because Terris is from the US and he could give us first-hand information. We’d love to hear from our listeners in other countries! Please let us know what the cost is in your country by leaving us a comment.

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[Ask Hyojin] University Tuition in Korea
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  • Paul Grau

    What’s even cooler about the very low tuition fees in Germany is that as part of exchange agreements we (at least me) don’t have to pay tuition fees in Korea, but only our normal fee back home. If you waive the public transport cost that’s as low as 60€ per semester in Berlin.

    • Wow, it sounds awesome!! I should’ve gone to Germany for study! Ah….

    • jojokings

      in Germany
      you need to open a blocked account with $8000 before you will be granted a visa, but if you have it i think schooling in germany is the best decision

  • Enrique

    Hey guys. A Korean friend recommended me this site. Thanks for all the information. Can you make part IV? This time talk about postgraduate degrees. I’d like to know about tuition fees and how many years does it take to finish a Master or a PhD.


    • Well, I will recommend your offer to other people but regarding the University life series, this is the last video. 🙁

      Thanks for your comment.

  • Kevin Han

    I think comparing tuition costs by converting everything to USD is very misleading. Looking at absolute figures, sure, Korean tuition is cheaper than US tuition. However, that doesn’t paint the whole picture because I think relative tuition is a more accurate comparison. What I mean is we should look at a country’s tuition cost relative to that country’s average family income. For example, if I buy a bottle of soda for $2 in the US, and it costs 1000 won (about $1) in Korea, sure we can say in absolute values, the soda is cheaper in Korea. But lets pretend that on an average job in the US, I can make $10/hr, but in Korea, if I do the exact same job or equivalent, it only pays 3000 won/hr (about $3). Then relatively speaking, the bottle of soda is more expensive in Korea! So yea, tuition in the US is more expensive, but relatively speaking, it might not be quite as bad as foreigners think.

    I do agree that the thing that makes tuition in America horrible are the student loans, because a lot of times, students pay for their own school instead of their parents. Anyways, I wish I was going to school in Korea just because I love Korea ^_^. I also agree that the whole out of state vs in state tuition is extremely stupid here. I went to UCLA and as an in-state student, I had to pay roughly $2500-$3000 per quarter (yea, UCLA is different and goes on quarter system instead of semester). My friend was an out of state student and he was paying $8000-$10000 per quarter. That difference is really ridiculous and unfair to students who want to diversify where they live.

    Anyways, great episode, I love these Ask Hyojin segments. I learn so much about Korean Culture =D

  • E

    I live in NC, USA (in state tuition). I was about to go to a University until I found out about community colleges (which by the way, high school does not tell you). You can go here until you get your associate degree (2 years) or until you get your 30 transferable credit to a university. It only cost me about $3-4k per year, and FAFSA pay for it too. This way is better, in my opinion. So, by the time I transfer to a university, I can just transfer my credit and finish whatever is left.

    Fun Fact: You can bypass the in-state versus out-of-state tuition if you stay in that state for 1 full years and become a resident then you don’t have to pay for out-of-state tuition. This does not include international students.

    Question: Does S. Korea have grants, financial aid like FAFSA, or in state or out of state tuition kind? Do you have to go through a application process for each university to get into that university and pay for application deposit ($)?

    Since I keeps hearing about how Koreans just pick what University or Colleges they likes, they can just take the Senior Exam to aim for it…So, how does the application process is like for them?

  • zoe

    we actually don’t pay any university tuition here in Greece.~

  • Dayana Reyes

    Hi guys, I live in Cuenca-Ecuador and pay a tuition fee that rounds up to $1,000usd per semester. That’s because I go to a private school. Public school is free here and they pay a $5usd fee per semester for additional services the school offers to students (like a day care center if you have kids).
    I am almost finished with my degree (one year left) but I would really like to learn the language in Korea. Could you guys pin point the right direction to go about? I don’t care if its a summer program or a year long program, the thing is I want to study Korean as I experience the life style there. None of the schools here have any connections with schools in Korea and my Korean is almost nonexistent.I speck Spanish and English fluently, and wish to learn a third language.
    Thank you for the podcasts in general, they are very helpful!

    • We also have Korean lessons here. You can learn Korean in TalkToMeInKorean site and then you can practice and develope your Korean when you come to Korea. It is also free! 🙂

  • Jean Carlo

    Here in Brazil its the opposite. The best and most disputed universities are public and for free. So, are there any free universities there in Korea? and if so, are they good?

    • Unfortunately, I think there is no free university. The tuition of public university is cheaper than private universities and there are many good public universities.

    • Haustraliah

      Is it also free for international students?

    • No, I don’t think so.

  • junica

    i only pay almlost 800usd per semester and my school is already one of the prestigious schools/universities in the philippines. there are many foreigners in my school, mostly i think are koreans. i had a korean classmate and i asked him why he came to study in the philippines and he said

  • junica

    i only pay almlost 800usd per semester and my school is already one of the prestigious schools/universities in the philippines. there are many foreigners in my school, mostly i think are koreans. i had a korean classmate and i asked him why he came to study in the philippines and he said it was cheaper in the philippines. well, its true. public universities here have tuition too but it is so cheap. i think its 10 usd to 100 usd. it depends what public university you are in.

    • Wow, it is quite cheap in the philippines. I heard there are many Koreans going to Baguio to study English.

  • meryam

    hey~~! iam from egypt and i really would like to contain my education in korea. iam 16 years old and have one year to graduate from my high school..so i am preparing to go to korea…but some colleges in korea are very expencive…so if there is any cheap universty in korea….i dont wanna a private one…:) i want a normal universty…so i need help please..if u can tell me about the cheap university or what i have to do to travel to korea…and can i learn korean from ur website ? iam waiting u to replay..yeah! i want to study at seoul ( my best town ever ) even the cheapest university their tell me about it…. thnx 🙂

  • Lily

    Hey 🙂
    It’s really fun how the perspective can change depending on where you’re from… Terris was so surprised about how cheap the tuition was in Korean, while I was amazed by how expensive it is ^_^
    Cause I’m from Switzerland and (despite the reputation of expensive and rich country) I only pay about $500 per semester…
    I think it’s because the whole school system is different. I guess in Korea and in the USA, universities are expensive sine they’re private school. But here, all universities are public, which make them cheaper and also accessible for everybody… Yeah, that’s another different thing! No SAT, college entrance exam whatsoever… With a high school diplomma, Swiss students can go in every university and there’s no limit on the number of people. So basically, you choose where and what you want to study and, here you go!
    Anyway, since I’m considering studying in Korea, do you know if there’s a lot of scholarship? And are they easy to obtain? Or is it something like you have to best the best of your whole country to get it?
    Thank you for everything 😀

  • SC25

    OMG. Listening to Terris in this video, I realized his experience sounded very similar to my MA program. Then I went to our UH flagship website and I saw that he is indeed my 후배! Terris~ 이 레슨이 좀 오래됐고 인턴십 기간도 끝났지만 이 코멘트를 봤으면 좋겠어요. 전 플래그십 석사 2기 졸업생이에요. I hope post UH/KU life is going well for you!

  • polaris18

    where can i possibly study Multimedia Arts in Korea? 🙂

  • ksharp7

    You can be perfectly happy in the States going to any school with an accredited program. You may have to show transcripts and grades when seeking employment. Students in the U.S. are often considered lazy because we don’t go to hagwon after a regular school day. But students in the States from half way through high school start working part time jobs in addition to the school day and hours of homework each night. They start paying for their own expenses and may even take on part of the cost of college or living expenses. There is no allowance besides lunch money. A student at 16 pays for car insurance, gas, their clothing, most entertainment like cell phone or Internet bill, the devices themselves even. Parents start saving for college when their kids are babies but the costs go up more than inflation. It’s hard to have all of it. He is write about the tax being why it costs more for person out of state to go to a state school school in another state. Going to a private school could mean $30,000 for just tuition. Not counting fees or books which cost several thousand. Then room and board which cost thousands. Students eve with a part time job and some help from parents could end up with a student loan the size of a mortage.

    • Seokjin Jin

      Thanks for sharing the situation of the states. I think the Korean circumstance is getting similar to them. The university tuition is really expensive so many students use students loan or use the loan from banks. The bad thing is the low employment rate. Many people end up having a lot of dept without working after the school.

  • 안녕하세요!

    I am planning to study in Korea. I am now almost 2nd year in College here in the Philippines. (Avionics Student)
    Does some university accept students who had their associate degree and finishing it to bachelor’s? I am thinking of applying to KAU (Korea Aerospace University). Do they accept or accredit grades from my previous university if i study there? If they don’t accredit it maybe i’ll just finish my Bs Degree here and try to take Master’s Degree there.

    One of the reasons i want to continue studying there is because i have a chance on getting an internship/On-Job Training (OJT) on various Airports. My current university gives us opportunities like this but not on Airports but the university’s own base. but the college fees are cheap here though than Korea but if i can get some internship and better training in Korea. Why not?

    I hope you reply back.


  • rasha

    well in iraq we dont pay any tuition education is free i found out after watching this video we are lucky hahhah thanks for this nice video