[Ask Hyojin] University Life in Korea

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University life varies from country to country. We do not know much about college life in other countries, but we can at least tell you what life can be like for a university student in Korea. Hyojin couldn’t do this by herself, so she invited Hyunwoo and Terris to join her and share their experiences as well. This video is longer than usual, so sit back, relax, enjoy watching it, and let us know about the differences you found between college in Korea and in your country.

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[Ask Hyojin] University Life in Korea
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  • Esther

    Can Terris do a video on why he decided to study abroad in korea and how the application process was? For example tests, tuition, and so on? Also which universities he looked at, and why he picked Korea University? I would really appreciate if he could do a video on this in case anyone else is curious or he could email or reply to this comment.
    Thanks 😀

  • I second Esther’s idea! I know someone who applied to SNU for a grad program in physics, but I never got around to asking him what the application process was like and how he went about gathering information on different opportunities.

  • Dan

    Very good idea to do this. To add to what Terris says, some US universities run on quarters rather than semesters. As a retired professor, let me tell you, quarters are so short, it’s murder to design a course and syllabus for such short terms.
    Another interesting difference to me is medical school. I taught medical school for many, many years, and in the US it’s usually 4 years after graduating college. Then you do residency, maybe a fellowship, and then you go into practice, and pay down huge debt the rest of your life. In Korea, the older model (and I heard they’re going back to it) is a 6 year medical course starting out of high school and tuition is much less than the US. Much better set-up in my humble opinion, and very good quality education.

    • I heard that many Americans spend much time to pay back their tuition dept. Although the tuition in Korean is getting expensive quickly, the tuition in America is too much expensive. :S

  • 자흐러

    Awsome 😀

  • Pandasialand

    Thank you so much for this video! It was definitely one of the most interesting video on this subject so far ^^ I`m actually going to be an exchange student in SK soon, so it was really great having Terris` feedback (especially on the alcohol part xD)

  • KR Ansun

    Hi guys! I really enjoyed this video, was very interesting 🙂
    Maybe the next year I’m going to study my career in Korea, so, I really want to know more of Korean Universities and also your opinions about , what university you think it’s better for a foreign students?. I heard in the video that Hyojin and Hyunwoo went to KU and Terris is also going to KU, I’m really interesting in KU and Ewha. What do you think about them?

    Thank you ^^

    • Thanks for your comment. Several videos about Korean University are supposed to be uploaded, so I hope you look forward to see it.
      Well, I think it is really hard to say which university is better and both University have good reputation.

  • 아틸라

    안녕!!! 재미있었어요!

    It was interesting to hear that you could do your own schedule! I meant, the “주사파” 🙂
    Would you be able to explain a little bit? I mean, the teachers were adjusting after students? For example, if you want to do chemistry on Thursday and another student wants to do it on Friday, how are things solved? 🙂

    I was studying in Romania, both, for high school and uni, but there was not such a thing: to choose the days of courses.


    • Well, it is hard for professors to move his class to other days. Maybe the student has to find another chemistry class run by other professor.