Vegetable Names in Korean – 한국어의 채소 이름들

How many vegetable names do you know in Korean? 한국어의 채소 이름들 얼마나 많이 알고 계세요? Yesterday we posted a photo of various fruits that you can see in a typical Korean market place, and we mentioned that tomatoes are often considered to be fruits in Korea. In this video, we went to a farm that 경은's parents rented to grow some vegetables to introduce some vegetables names. Below are some common vegetable names including the ones that are introduced in the video clip!

상추 = lettuce
배추 = cabbage
깻잎 = perilla leaf
가지 = eggplant
오이 = cucumber
토마토 = tomato
마늘 = garlic
양파 = onion
파 = green onion
고추 = chili pepper
감자 = potato
시금치 = spinach

Vegetable Names in Korean – 한국어의 채소 이름들
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  • Yi Chang

    양배추도 cabbage아니에여??ㅋㅋ