Walk and Talk in Korean – Episode 5

  • Caddie

    Today I am the first one who leave the comment. ^______^

    재미있는 비디오를 만들어주셔서 감사해요.

    선생님들, 즐거운 하루 보내세요. ^^

    • 대박이네요 뭐…~~ 🙂

  • 뭐 먹지?
    뭐 먹지?
    뭐 먹지?
    뭐 먹지? ^^
    is pronounced [모 먹찌?] ^^

    • Caddie

      아 ~ 그렇군요. ㅎㅎㅎ 알겠습니다. ^^

  • 뭘 먹지?~ 라면 밖에 없거든요~ ^^

  • Sasan

    Thank you !
    And this another surprise !
    oh my friends Let`s pray for Japanese people and hope god help them .

  • KB

    It’s interesting that in Korean you say “x년 뒤에” to say x years later or in x years (future reference)
    Coz the meaning of 뒤에 is “at the back” or “behind” right? It’s somewhat contradicting but after awhile I got used to it ^^
    재미있는 이야기 해주셔서 감사합니다 ^^

    • secret

      yep 뒤에 is “at the back” or “behind”

  • Another great lesson, I love this “walk and talk” serie since it suit better to my level (even though I learn some interesting things with the lower level lessons as well).
    And I think this is a strength of your website. We can find lessons for begginners, and intermediate level…This is just great !

    I tried to translate everything without the English subs and I got almost everything (just the speed of the speach that still give me some difficulties but it would get better with time).

    I just have one question.

    [동사](으)려 하다 is the same as [동사](으)려고 하다 am I right ?
    It should be a more colloquial way to say it right ?

    • secret

      yes, its very similar ^^

  • Sphoeninx

    I’ve downloaded most of the stuff here but alas, haven’t managed to really start seriously learning it.. I simply enjoyed watching Korean telenovels (oh my lady, jumong 1 and 2, janggeum..et al). I just want to say, you guys are all great. You have to be careful watching kyeong-un choi videos because you will surely fall in love with her voice and get a great crush on her eyes and smiles =).
    I can see that you are really honest and very sincere in helping people all around the world to learn the Korean language for free. These are really excellent materials that other organization would not issue without a price. May you not waiver in your mission and you are doing a lot for your country too. More power and God bless.

    • Thanks so much for your comment! I am touched. : )

  • pepsi

    This is my favorite “walk and talk” episode because of the English and Korean translation in the PDF for this lesson…Keep up the good work guys!!!

    • Haha thanks for enjoyin the video. Of course we will keep it up!